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March 22, 2017

native mobile ad spend set to breach $ 20 billion in 2017

Native ads will account for 63.2%  of mobile display by 2020, up from 51.8% last year as in 2016.This number is based on an IHS study commissioned by Facebook Audience Network, which predicts spend on native ads in 2020 to reach $53.4bn (£36.7bn).This growth will be driven by third party in-app native ads – the area, of course, that Audience Network specialises in – which are expected to grow spend by an average 70.7 per cent annually over the period, well ahead of the 25.3 per cent growth of mobile display overall.Mobile native advertising is a format of advertising that takes advantage of the form and function of the surrounding user experiences, all of which are indigenous to the wide variety of mobile devices.Since native advertising is largely bought on social platforms, it’s also almost entirely mobile. Native mobile display ad spend is expected to reach $19.5bn this year in 2017  representing 88.3% of all native advertising, and the share is growing. Native mobile will represent 64.5 per cent of all US mobile display ad spend this year

March 16, 2017

fake news vs alternate reality : most credible news networks

" fake news vs alternate reality :ranking the top 10 news organizations in the US "

A recent data from Graphiq compares and ranks  the most credible news organizations ranking them from most authentic to least authentic.The credibility of news organizations in US has taken a big beating post US Presidential elections in 2016.,where Hillary Clinton was widely tipped by mainstream news organization to come America's next President.However post the elections Fake news or Alternate News ( a term coined) by Trumps trusted aide , Kellayane Conaway as well as the President himself  has been one of the  most debated topics post the Donald Trump Presidency.

Meanwhile its also a fact that mainstream media has hit its lowest point in terms of the   credibility and authenticity and general trust among users in current times.A recent poll conducted by Morning Consult’s  gives a picture of how credible news organizations of today when it comes to political coverage.Morning Consult's  polling and data science division produces in-depth market research and public opinion data on everything from political campaigns to Fortune 500 companies. The data shows ABC,CBS and NBC are the most credible news networks across America with a believability score of 67%,65% and 65% respectively.CNN, Fox News . MSNBC,HuffinftonPost  rank in the middle range, while right wing websites like Breitbart and Infowars are considered least credible.


March 8, 2017

5 steps of optimizing for product search results on google and bing

Optimizing for  product search across Google and Bing  :For products and shopping sites who own products, a top ranking in google product based business is essential to their ranking and therefore revenue.This is because the top 3 google product search results most often than not make it to the main google search listings. Here are the 5 steps of optimizing your product for google product searches 

• The first step for optimizing products searches are putting together feeds for your products and submit them to Google Merchant center. Here you can upload products in bulk and learn the specifics of formatting the feed. to be included in google product center you need to upload true physical and tangible products.

• In your feed populate as many fields as possible with (data,) Brand, category, color,Price ,condition, warranties and more .These additional fields will help google Product search match up to your potential customers search fields. 

• Ensure you update your feed as much as possible. Some major eretail sites update their feeds on a daily basis. Your feed needs to be authentic and accurate as possible and should be able to edit multiple times a day if it’s required. 

Always include the product photo across listings. If you don’t have a photo, no product will be seen. Here are some tips for product images.Google converts 90 x 90 pixels into display thumbnails Therefore it makes decision to use a square picture to take advantage of the space. Higher contrast picture make for a better view and are easier to read in an thumbnail 

Change your feed whenever product is added, existing products undergo changes or new products are announced. If your product is out of stock, ensure you quickly remove them from your online inventory and replace it will”limited stocks” or currently “stocks not available.” 

• Use description and titles they normal way you would use for any: search keyword you are targeting.Use proper metatags and make sure the description matches up to the product category. Use long tail keywords for your products as there are a hundred ways of “ how your consumer would typically use it to find and search that particular product or the phrase.One of the smart ways is going through amazon feature of users also bought, / users who purchased this also brought .. This would give you an idea of the product category and the vertical which the user is interested in searching for 

• Try to use phrases and match keywords based on the higher search volumes and high chance for conversion. Keep on mapping your products to your competitors and see which phrases are associated with the particular product. You can use google inventory keyword tool for this

• Go to the larger eCommerce sites which lists thousands of products and where hand researching is not possible pick out unique attributes of that product which users may type while they are searching the products 

Seller and Product ratings are important and they play a very big role in google product rankings .Manage your Seller ratings across contributor sources like Shopzilla,Dealtime, NextTag,PriceGrabbber, ResellerRatings. You can also get your products rated at Epininions 

Some other factors which impact ranking across product searches are a) The perceived authority of the domain b) The website rankings for keywords in web search’ c) If the products are deemed adult.. Some of your products might get filtered out due to safe search d)Users specifying Google Checkout item daily e)The number of uses who have added your google product items to their individual shopping lists within the product search or placed them on their shared wishlist.The google merchant center does accept other types of items also like flights, hotels, car rentals , travel packages and real estate but these items will not get into product searches.

March 1, 2017

3 structural decisions before targeting keywords post google algo changes

Keyword research is perhaps the most crucial element in search engine optimization. Selecting and targeting keywords based on what users “ type” is the holy grail in getting traction and traffic to your website How do your keywords match up with your website’s hierarchy? Ultimately the logical structure of your page should match up with the way users think about products and services like yours. Its important the define the target audiences based on the industry, are you in the b2b space or b2b space, are you in the business of providing leads or generating good and unique content, what are your sites’s core strength

Do you believe in attacking your competitor openly or your products are more niche and appeal to certain segment of a “product cycle”The one thing you should avoiding is being everything to everyone? You need to have a very specific target in mind before you start optimizing those keywords Here are a few things you need to keep in mind for keyword targeting, post google algo changes in 2017 

 1)Cross Linking Relevance: Linking between articles that are relevant and complimentary can be very powerful as it adds a lot of value to your content. People looking for a content will always find it useful, if you have more choices of relevant content based on the similar topic. Perhaps Amazon’s “Frequently bought together” and “Users who searched for this ‘ also searched for the following items are brilliant ways to integrate group products into categories and items 

Amazon has today perhaps established the gold standard for the entire seo industry” showing the way how “ cross linking of relevant content can increase both search rankings and web traffic In the Amazon system all this is of course rendered automatically and dynamically, so it required little day to day effort from Amazon’s part. The Customers who bought data is a part of Amazon’s internal database and the “Tags Customers Associate data is provided directly by users themselves 

2) Using the Correct Anchor Text: Anchor text is one of the most underrated element in the entire on page optimization chain. All your content should focus away to use keyword rich anchor text in your internal links. Avoid using words like More and Click here to know more as it devalued the content of your links. Make sure the technical and the creative team understand this. Take time to prepare before hand an anchor text strategy for your website 

3)Using breadcrumb navigation : Breadcrumb navigation essentially shows a user which part of the website they are navigating. At every point on the website, it informs the user , how to they reach to different areas of the website. Ensure that at all points the user is not 2 to 3 clicks away from the homepage. Among the best practices is to to make the breadcrumb and the menu navigation keyword rich as that helps search engines and users both 

4) Minimizing  Link Depth: Search engines and users look to site architecture for clues to what pages in the website are most important. A key factor is the number of links it takes to reach a page. The Golden rule of linking is “any webpage that is more than 4 clicks away is not that influential. The deeper the links are, the higher amount of indexing time the search engine spiders take to index the website, As each website that is crawled by the search spiders has a fixed bandwidth, they aren’t going to spend more time searching for content if its hidden deep, 4 to 5 clicks from the main page . In fact a search engine might totally ignore such a page as the spiders may not find the page and no matter how good the content is. 


The Standard SEO advice is keep the site architecture as flat as possible to minimize clicks from the homepage to important content. Do not go off the deep end too, and have a never ending links from the homepage, as too many links on a page are not good for search engines either. A standard recommendation is not to exceed 100 links from a web page as this divides the page rank juice among all the links originating from that page. The bottomline is that you need to plan the website structure as flat as possible without compromising the user experience

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