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October 24, 2014

Why Demographically Apple Users are Younger than Androids

iOS users vs Android users : which OS us used by demographically younger audience

iOS App Users Skew Younger than Android Counterparts - comScore, Inc: "OS users skew younger than their Android counterparts across the smartphone and tablet segments. 43 percent of iPhone users are between the ages of 18-34 as compared to 39 percent of Android phone users. In addition, 57 percent of iPad users are under age 45 as compared to 53 percent of Android tablet users." One reason might be that " Apples launch of iPhone happened in 2007 the generation that was growing up due to media proliferation web by then the smartphone revolution has gathered more momentum and speed.. which affected more number of apple devices being sold.. Googles Android gathered critical mass a bit later around 2010,20111..?

October 19, 2014

The Sound of Music 2014 :Americans Votes for their favorite music places

The state of music: Americans vote for " how much time they spent on music
In a world where technology is reshaping consumer habits, music continues to be the soundtrack of our daily lives

Nielsen Music 360:  Study tracks Consumers engagement with music, as Americans Make Music Their Top Entertainment Choice.

"In a digitally fragmented world of smartphones, tablets and gadgets, the two devices which has almost faded into oblivion post the era of wired gizmos are 1) watch 2) music ..While Mobile/Smartphones have replaced a wrist watch which was once seen to be a status symbol, the fading away of music has been more spectcular, from a tape recorders, to a CD, then DVD, the Mp3 and Mp4 compression techniques enabled more than 1000 songs, movies and videos to be miniaturized and stored across cross platform devices which could be plugged into a USB and heart anywhere.. Music was instantly transported anywhere you wanted, in your car, during your road trip, walking down the streets,in the loo, at the movie theatres ( in case you happen to read a review from one of the websites 
As Music becomes apart of our daily life Music 360 2014, Nielsen’s third annual in-depth tracks the study of the tastes, habits and preferences of U.S. music listeners, 93% of the country's population listens to music, spending more than 25 hours each week tuning into their favorite tunes. For hundreds of millions of Americans, this means that music is their top form of entertainment. When surveyed about their activities in the past year, 75% of respondents said they actively chose to listen to music, even ahead of watching television at 73%."

American Brands spends just 2.6$ billion on Advertising Spends on African American Consumer

Twitter usage : Whiter Americans vs African American

Top 5 Newspapers wth highest Arican American subscription:

Are Advertisers Ignoring African-American Media?: "African-Americans represent 14.4% of the American population, however inexplicably corporate America hasnt' been able to warm up to that segment not have increased their marketing spends on " African Americans ..Presently only 2.6 billion USD advertising dollars are spends marketing to that community which  remains abysmally low relative to overall major media ad spending. 
  1. The $2.6 billion spent with media focused on African-American audiences (on cable TV, national magazines, network TV, spot radio and syndicated TV) comprised just 2.6% of the $69.3 billion spent on those platforms last year. However this $2.6 billion represent a 7% increase from 2012 – compared  to a 2% increase in overall major media spend.
  2.  In terms of how digital media consumption by by African American's    "a recent Pew Internet study shows that "African Americans aged 65 and older have especially low adoption rates compared with whites.
  3. Just 45% of black seniors are internet users, and 30% have broadband at home (among white seniors, 63% go online and 51% are broadband adopters). African Americans trail whites by seven percentage points when it comes to overall internet use (87% of whites and 80% of blacks are internet users),

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