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comparing windows pc sales vs Mac sales

Posted on July 31, 2015 No comments

"windows sales vs mac sales"

 The above chart compares windows bs Mac sales

The data clearly shows Apple sold more iPhones, Macs, iPads and iPod Touch devices than the total number of computers sold by the entire Windows PC industry 

In fact the pattern of Mac growth exceeding Windows PC growth (and overall PC growth which includes the Mac has been observed for at least 40 of the last 42 quarters.When comparing iOS shipments (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) to Windows we can see that combined iOS shipments exceed all Windows PC shipments for all three previous quarters.

top 10 high tech manufacturing exports by countries

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The list of the top 10  high technology manufacturing exportsvia

Germany, UK and France top EU internet spends per user

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The chart shows the list of European nations who tops internet shopping per users. To see the chart and the list of here or see below the jump

european online spends per person : top 3 nations"

How European nations ranks among the highest online spends per user

The UK leads in Internet shopping across europe   with a average   1071 sterling per shopper in 2014, which increased almost 10% in 2015  to record 1174 pounds
Online retail sales are predicted to reach £52.25bn in the UK this year,  which equals to 15% of retail sales online .
Germany ranks no 2 with with  an average german user spending 1023 sterling online as compared to 890 sterling in 2014 , showing a solid growth of  14% in 2015
France takes the next place with online shopping spends per person at 767  sterling, followed by Spain, Italy and Netherlands

Job Openings in the top 10 best companies to work for

Posted on July 29, 2015 No comments

The best companies to work for : top brands, their employee strengths and number of job openings"

The best companies to work for : top brands, their employee strengths and number of job openings. Know more after the jump

This years ranking of the top 100 best companies to work for  has 16 new comers  including Twitter , Acuity ,Workday, Nationwide and Hilti and one returnee after 18 tears of absence : outdoor retailer  LL Bean . What does it take to create the best company to work for ? Apart from everything else.. The true measure of a company is how well they  treat their lowest paid employees . Also covered are the job openings across these top 100 companies as confirmed  and verified by the HR during the Fortune research survey .

These Job openings  in top 100 best companies to work for are as on  july,2015

1) The number 1 best company to work for is Google
a)Number of employees : 44,862
b) Number of job openings : 2500

2) The number 2 best companies to work for: Boston Consulting group 
a) Number of employees : 2701
b)What makes them great : One of the biggest  allures of working at BCG is  the ability to take social impact leave of  absence from 3 months to 12 months
c)Job Openings: 1000

3)The number 3 best companies to work for is Acuity
aNumber of employees : 1093
a)Number of job openings :150

4) The number 4 best companies to work for is SaaS Institute
a)Number of employees:6647
b)Number of openings: 350

5)The number 5 best companies to work for is  Robert W Baird
a)Number of employees :2822
Number of job openings

6)The number 6  best companies to work  is Edward jones
a)Number of employees: 37,164
b)Number of job openings:4874

7) The number 7 in the best companies to work for is Wegman's Food Market
a)Number of Employees: 43,211
b) Number of job openings:1900

8)The number 8 in best companies to work for  : Salesforce
a) Number of employees :10,146
b) Number of job openings:946

9)The number 9 in the best companies to work for is genetech
a) Number of employees :12,895
b)Job Openings: 993

10)The number 10 best companies to work for is Camden Property Trust
a)Number of employees :1746
b)Number of job openings: 72

100 years of coco cola :20 interesting facts and statisics

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" the making of coke"

The making of 100 years of Coco Cola

Read more about the  timeline of 100 years of coke and amazing 15 statistics below

"Cokes' 100 years of amazing growth"

Coca-Cola  was the first to introduces 100% recyclable bottle with 30% renewable material

  1. Coke was Founded  in 1886 by pharmacist John Stith  in Georgia 
  2.  The first Coca-Cola  was bottled in 1899
  3. The coke bottling rights was sold  by President Asa Candler  for $1. 
  4.  The  top  5 brands by volume are 
  5. a) Coca-Cola 
  6. b) Diet Coke/Coca-Cola light  
  7. c)Coca-Cola Zero 
  8. d) Fanta  
  9. 3)Capri-Sun    
  10.  Number of worldwide Coke employees :        146,200 
  11. Percent of the world’that recognize the Coca-Cola logo:   96 %
  12.  Total number of Coca-Cola products : 3,500
  13. Coke's Market share in US:   42% 
  14. Percentage  of ' global beverages market  which coke forms a part :   26% 
  15.  Number of coke bottles sold each day : 1.8 billion 
  16. Number of coke bottles sold its first year   : 25 
  17. Number of worldwide Coke bottling companies: 275 
  18.  Amount you would have earned if you sold a single coke share in 2015:   $92,500
  19. Number of Coca-Cola brand drinks that are consumed each second  :10,450
  20. Coca-Cola was the 1st  commercial product to appear on  Time in  : 1950
  21.  The Coca-Cola bottle turns 100.this year in 2015
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