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May 17, 2017

30 seo tools which can help you rank in first page



Getting  good rankings and organic traffic on your website would be impossible if you don’t use proper SEO tools and techniques. There are a plethora of  free and paid SEO tools available online which can be highly beneficial for your website rankings. Here are some  compilation  of a  list of   SEO tools which would help you to analyse your website and study and map your competitor

However more often than not ,you need more then one SEO tool to satisfy your need for increasing your website traffic. Let’s have a looser look at all the comprehensive list of top SEO tools . 

 Top SEO tools, Complete List of free and paid  SEO Tools and Services 

1- Anchor Text over Optimization Tool Anchor Text over Optimization Tool is used to identify anchor text diversity and also highlight those areas which are at risk for anchor text over optimization.

 2-KeywordSpy This tool helps you in profitable list of keyword research.

3.Screaming frog Small spider tool for websites’ links, images, CSS, script and apps from an SEO perspective. 

4.HubSpot A Single hub to collect, translate & route your customer data. 

5.SpyFu SpyFu Help you to download your competitors’ profitable keywords. 

6.Similarweb Similarweb help in Competitor’s traffic figures, Organic keywords, Engagement metrics and Get traffic insights for any website or app 

7.Seer Toolbox This is atool Suite for Analytics and Link Research for traffic gaining. 

8.SEOgadget Links API Help you to unlock the incredible capabilities of tool provider data from Majestic SEO, Moz and Grepwords within Excel.

9 Majestic SEO This tool helps in link Research, Competitive Intelligence and Link Building. 

10. Majestic SEO API Helps in API (Application program interface) that how software components should interact and Link Research. 

11.XML Sitemap Inspector This SEO tool validate your XML sitemap. It makes your sitemap free from errors and ping to all major search engines. 

12.Mozscape API This tool put powerful web crawler and index of over 162 Billion URLs in the palm of your hands. 

13.Title and Description Optimization Tool: This is an optimization tool to optimize title tags and Meta description tag. 

14. Open Site Explorer This tool help you to Link Research, defining, gathering, analyzing data and Link Building.
 15.Bing Webmaster Tools Bing data webmaster tool uncover keyword data & drive traffic to your site. 

 16.Buzzstream Tools Suite This tool help to find link opportunities, conduct link research or automate link building tasks. 

 17.GTmetrix: It helps you to analyze the performance and speed of your website. 

 18.Meta SEO Inspector A Google chrome app used to easily inspect metadata on any site with one simple click. 

 19- Google Webmaster Help you to Track your site’s search performance. 

 20- Merge Words This site combine sets of words easily & automatically. 

21- WordPress Theme and Plugins Detector This google plugin helps you to detects the theme and plugins used in WordPress and display information about them. 

22 Lynx Help Page it’s a plain text browser, which show you how crawler or search engine sees the page. 

23 SEO Extension This extension provides you SEO metrics for a specific page, along with other useful tools such as SEO Audit and many others. 

24.WebRank SEO For Google: “ For Mozilla Firefox Helps you to get website stats directly from your browser. 

25. NerdyData NerdyData is like a Search engine for source code. 

26- Internet Marketing Ninjas SEO Tools This site provide few tools to find broken links, redirects, site crawl tool, 

27.SEO Toolbar SEO Toolbar pulls in many useful marketing data points to make it easy and get a holistic view of competitive landscape of market directly in search results. 

28.SEO Tools for Excel This site provides you some Analytics, Social, On page, off page SEo tools
29.SEO gadget Tools This site provides some Content Strategy Generator, Highcharts Generator and Infographic embedded tools. 

 30.SEO Quake SEOquake tool is used to obtain information about any website for a wide range of parameters such as page rank, Google index, Alexa and many others. For Google: For Opera Mini 

 31.Virante SEO Tools This site provide you some content checking and optimizing tool.
32- Wordstream Free Keyword Tools Wordstream is a SEO keyword tool. It helps in performing ongoing organize, analyze keyword research. This SEO tool also provide the facility to search engine optimizer in keyword discovery tools, keyword grouping, long-tail keyword tools and SEO content creation tools. 
33.SEMrush helps analyse your domain, backlinks and search ranking apart from helping you runa competitor research

May 11, 2017

elements of an effective inbound marketing campaign

Inbound campaigns have very specific campaign components that serve to pave the path to purchase experience.  Knowing these components and learning how to populate each step with relevant timely and contextual content helps you build a frame work for achieving results and success Think of each component in your inbound market as an input. These inputs can be grouped into Attraction Inputs,re engagement inputs,Action inputs and Reaction inputs. 

Each of these inputs is an influential factor in your customer chain. Therefore each input has different level of influence on the outcome and each of them has to be given weight-age and importance .

Also avoid  focusing merely  on vanity metrics like page views and user sessions.. rather depending upon your metrics, focus on conversion and user acquisition. Ultimately its the ROI which is going to determine your campaign success. While traffic is important in terms of building  brand visibility,  you also need to ensure that your traffic is targeted and focused and  really appeals to users who are potential buyers.

Lets take a look at the top 10 elements and components of an Inbound marketing Campaign 

1. A website with clearly defined landing pages and path to conversion 
2. Paid search 
3.Organic SEO 
4.Social media sources 
6.Email marketing 
7.Having an active subscriber list and email database 
8. Newsletter subscription 

1Middle of the funnel engagement 
2.Pdf downloads 
3. Whitepapers 
4.Industry publications 
5.Online engagement tools ( live chat )
6. Contact us Form 

1. Email workflows 
2. Invitations 
3. Webinars 
4. Podcasts 
5.Online product training 

1. Product trials 
2. Product demo 
3. Subscription 

1. Online Reviews 
2. Customer support 
3. Shipping /Product return policy 
4. Events and Exhibitions
5. Contextual advertising 
6. Re targeting 
7. Rewards Program

How to create a frictionless consumer conversion campaign path

Its crucial to understand a consumer path to clicking to conversions . As you build on your landing pages and test your campaigns , your ultimate objective and goal would be to create a frictionless path to conversion. Here are some tips that you can follow to increase your conversion rate by increasing user engagement with your campaign goals. 

SIMPLIFY :Don’t over complicate the process of creating conversion funnels For example it makes sense for your PPC campaign to circumvent your website entirely with a landing page which is geared towards an encouragement like an offer or a takeaway

POWER OF LINKS : Link your pages in a conversion path which directs a visitor either laterally or download towards an action Provide obvious and easy navigation signs which is very clear which action a visitor should naturally like to take next Resist the urge to create too many click through on a page . 

AVOID BOUNCES :Avoid overloading your visitors with too many options which might confuse them resulting with a high bounce rate. Bounce rate refers to users who are entering and exiting from the same page. 

HOMEPAGE LINKS: Create and connect side way entry into your homepage, other than natural links to the home page at the top menus 

USER TESTING :Perform user testing after you think you have got the  perfect landing page. This will help you create further opportunities for refinements and enhancement With the passage of time looks for trends of sources, CTA’s( call to action) landing pages ,using that analytics data to inspect conversion opportunities and roadblocks. 

MODELLING CONVERSION PATH: As you gain customers , model the path to conversions so that you can replicate those paths with other similar products by building similar campaigns Measure your attraction and conversion hypothesis as well as your business objectives versus your outcomes to determine your degree of success.

May 9, 2017

the anatomy of writing the perfect cover letter for job application

How to Write a Cover Letter - Step by Step (Infographic)

the  elements of writing the perfect cover letter for your CV



united kingdom retail sales highest since 2006

"UK retail sales enjoy biggest jump since 2006"

British retail sales bounces back since 11 years

According to financial times ,The British Retail Consortium-KPMG retail sales monitor rose 5.6 per cent in April from a year earlier, up from a 1 per cent decline in March and well ahead of expectations for a 0.5 per cent gain.Barclaycard’s data also matched this picture, with spending up 5.5pc in April on the year. This was the strongest result since April 2006 led by late easter sales 

 Over the three months to April 2017, food sales were up by 2.4 per cent from a year earlier, while non-food retail rose by 0.3 per cent. Online sales of non-food products were up by 8.2 per cent over the same period, while in-store sales fell 1.3 per cent.The late Easter did not help the numbers - shoppers spend more over the long weekend, so its move from March and into April made the earlier month’s figures look worse, while flattering April’s data.But even stripping out the effect of a late Easter, spending was still up year-on-year. The three-month average for annual sales growth now stands at 2%.Consumer Spending rose on almost all types of goods, according to data from BRC led by jewelry and watches, toys and baby equipment, food, furniture, clothing and home accessories.