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September 10, 2016

iPhone 7 cost by country breakdown

" The iphone 7 costs around the world"

European countries citizens have to shell out the highest cost among all the countries when it comes to buying the iPhone 7 . Citizens of Hungary, Italy and Norway have to pay the highest amount in Europe to buy the latest iPhone 7 . Apple's latest iPhone will cost  256,058.64 Ft (£700) in Hungary, followed by Italy and Norway. European nations will have to pay almost 100 pounds more than the equivalent costs of the price of iPhone in the United States .
In the US, the same 32GB model starts at $649 (£487.75) and in Canada at $899 (£521.75).However taxation plays another big part in deciding the MRP to consumers
Apple's iPhone 7 prices for the UK and other nations in Europe includes  sales tax, but prices in the US and Canada don't include it due to state-by-state variations. In New York, for example the iphone 7 attracts a 8% sales tax  which makes the cost of iPhone  7 over $700 in NY. However in other states there is no sales tax.The iPhone 7 in  Germany costs Euro 583 , while costing Euro 699 in France. In Russia  Apple's latest piece of gizmo costs above 60,000 roubles in Russia . In Hong Kong consumers have to shell out  5,500 Hong Kong dollar to get the  iPhone 7. For Ireland and  Spanish consumers  their  iPhone 7 will come at a price of  Euro 650.
"iPhone 7 costs of smartphone in Europe"

However New Zealand and Australia will pay a similar price  of around  900 Aus and NewZ dollars . Japanese users have to shell out over 60,000 yen  to get their hand on their iPhone 7 The iPhone 7  would cost Rs 54,000 in India .

September 9, 2016

Chinese first ever online wine festival set to rake in record eCommerce revenues

China is celebrating its biggest online food festival today "Its first ever online wine festival." With more that 100,000 wine and spirits offered across chinese online food ordering websites including ecomerce websites. Chinese ecommerce sites are hoping  a repeat of  world singles day which saw world record ecommerce revenues. The founder behind the event,Alibaba is expecting 100 million of its over 400 million-plus active buyers to take part in what has been dubbed as China’s first online wine festival.According to reports by Decanter China . The official Chinese term for the event is “Jiu Shui” which translates into “alcohol festival,” but wine traders are calling it “Wine Day” in China since the majority of the offerings is wine. Alibaba expects around

In June 2016, Alibaba announced the launch of Wine Direct, a division within Tmall where chateaux and producers will be able to sell directly to consumers in China. And just a week ago, Wine Australia launched a wine store on Tmall selling Australian wine direct to consumers.

social network messengers market growth : 2010 to 2016

" market size of social media messenger market"

Social  media messengers are now bigger than their parent  social media companies. Whatsapp leads the social media messenger  market with just over a billion users, followed by Facebook messenger which also has now one billion users. Chinese social messenger service Wechat with with a little over 800 billion users rank no 3.Popular Asian messaging apps like WeChat, KakaoTalk, and LINE have  moved beyond  communication and has been able to  monetize the service using innovative services to attract and retain users.

Messenger has become an increasingly popular app for keeping up with friends. More than 10% of voice over IP (VoIP) calls occur on Messenger, and 17 billion photos are sent on the app each month. And interactions with businesses have risen sharply..

September 7, 2016

Indian wearable market shipped 567,000 devices in q2, registering 42% growth

Wearable market in India grows by 41.9 percent in Q2, 2016: IDC

The wearable devices in Indian market is turning out to the latest tech device that has started to show traction, with wearable's shipments touched 557,000, with a 42% growth rate in the quarter 2016 q2. according to IDC. Out of the total device sold, 16% were sold by  GOQi, edging out Xiaomi which ranked second with 10% device share, followed by with Fitbit's 6.7%.

According to IDC’s “Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker” report, the total shipment in the second quarter stood at over 567,000 units of which the basic wearables, defined as those which cannot run third-party applications, contributed nearly 94 percent. There is even a new entrant to the top 5 list. Garmin made an entry to the top five with a 1.4 percent share and Huawei stood fifth with 1.0 percent market share. Domestic consumer electronics company Intex held a significant chunk in the “others” category and was one of the major drivers of the market,

September 5, 2016

10 biotech start ups making waves in silicon valley

Within the  two-square-mile patch of South San Francisco bustles with over 70 biotech firms, including Genentech, Amgen and Exelixis, an equally influential geography has grown along the Lemanic Arc of Switzerland and into the heart of Basel, where pharma giants like Novartis, Actelion and Roche (which acquired Genentech in 2009) have their headquarters. 
The biggest biotech start up with over $9 billion valuation is undoubtedly Theranos.  Its breakthrough advancements have made it possible to quickly process the full range of  240 tests lab tests from a few drops of blood. However some of the newer wave of biotech start ups are pushing the limts of science, take for example Twist Bioscience which is developing data storage for synthetic DNA . Another new kid on the block which has caught investors eye is Koniku . The start up is specializing in neuro-computing by building co-processors made of biological neurons that work alongside traditional silicon processors.

Last year was the biggest ever for venture capital funding into the biotech sector with over $7.4bn invested, according to a report from MoneyTree, The most popular food tech startup,  is Hampton Creek, which is trying to reinvent mayonnaise, has reportedly stretched the truth of their science by  creating food by eliminating animal products.One of the things they are trying to do is to replace eggs with by growing plants in a lab has already raised $120million

August 24, 2016

the valuations of these biggest top 10 sports team will shock you

"the most valuable sports team in the history of sports"

The biggest Sport team based on valuations . Real Madrid Football Club followed by Dallas Cowboys and New York Yankees are amongts the biggest brands in sports with the highest valuation.However 2016 rankings saw Dallas Cowboys replacing Real Madrid as the NFL franchises make up 27 of the 50 most valuable sports teams in the world. Dallas Cowboys, with a valuation of $4 billion is ranked first. It is the first time a non-soccer club has reigned as the most valuable team since 2010 (the first year Forbes compiled a top 50 list). Manchester United held the crown from 2010 to 2012 and Real Madrid the last three years.