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Friday, July 25

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web sites with highest traffic
According to the latest Experian  Market Research published  for the month of june  shows zillion  , Trulia and Realtor as  the biggest web sites in terms of traffic from desktops - .
Zillion leads the  Real Estate market with approx 19% market share traffic followed by Trulia with 9% and Realtor with 7.7% of the overall real estate web site reach for  the month of june, 2014

The marketshare reflects and takes into consideration  the top 10 most visited web sites from desktops only 
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Thursday, July 24

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mobile barometer showing the time spend with a mobile comparing across  Lower and Middle income countries


Mobile is now becoming an integral part of our internet behaviora lpatterns


Who does what with a Mobile . The above Mobile Barometer named so because its a kind of measuring data chart which shows how many users are doing what with their devices

The core of the mobile usage was (if we remember ) was to actually make calls .. However over the last 5 years, the mobile has replaced quite a few things at  our  homes .Think of it .We can not afford  not having a watch ,a music player, a camera, a video camera, movie CD, music  collection, with us anymore , we can leave our  travel road maps,our story books, .. the list is endless 

The Mobile barometer chart above shows some interesting insights on how Mobile takes up a lot of time in the middle and lower economy markets,and along with it users who go online with the mobile  device too tends  to show a higher numbers in those markets.Infact the mobile device has been among the biggest driver in increases  Internet access  across the remotest parts of  the world
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mobile usage and income level : are they inversely related

A recent Mobile from Inmobi  , (  one of the biggest mobile ad platform in terms of reach)

Mobile media have  surpassed traditional media (TV & online) in terms of time spend • 
 Multi-screen behavior is common – 61% of mobile web users engage in mobile activities (e.g. social networking, text messaging) while watching TV •

an average mobile users who use the web ( Mobile web users ) consumes 6 hours of media ( which means apart from mobile web, which is getting streamed to them in real time . additional media usage  like TV/web/ desktop, radio and magazines continue  to be a part of such consumers life. No doubt multi screen behavior  is becoming more mainsrteam now

 Across the 14 markets, growth in mobile use in the next year is likely to come from social media, followed by entertainment

It seems mobile centricity   and income levels are inversely proportional .Mobile centricity defined by: 
•  Relative importance of   mobile in media consumption 
•  Comfort level with transacting through device 
•  Breadth and depth of mobile activity 
•  Mobile influence on offline and online purchasing behavior 

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Tuesday, July 22

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While Gionee's Smartphones has been in news for quite some time now,  and their claim to fane is " they are the  current contender for the world's slimmest smartphone crown, the Gionee Elife S5.5  has  5.5mm thickness -and thats quite a show stealer and  TENAA has just certified a mid-range model that's even thinner. T
  • Apparently he Gionee GN9005 Not only that, the phone weighs just 94.6g - among the lightest Android smartphones and measures 139.8 x 67.4 x 5.0 mm., includes LTE connectivity
  • 16GB of built-in memory (no microSD slot) and a 2,050mAh battery , A 5mm-thick handset has been spotted at the China-equivalent of the FCC, called the Gionee GN9005

Gionee Communication Equipment Co. Ltd was founded on September 2002 by Liu Li Rong

As a recent entrant in the highly competitive Indian smartphone industry ,the Chinese handset manufacturer, is looking at a market share of 3-4 per cent in the ₹1 lakh crore Indian mobile handset market. Gionee claims to have sold 10 lakh pieces last year, is targeting to sell five million pieces in the second year of its operations. 

It sells phones in the range of ₹1,750 to ₹30,000. Of the 17 phones it sells, five are feature (basic) phones, while the remaining 12 are smartphones.The local indian arm of the Chinese Smartphone maker is an Syntech Technology Private Ltd, which operates as the arm of Gionee,

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Monday, July 21

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Is there anybody on the planet who actually enjoys pre-roll video advertising? Research has shown that 94% of people skip pre-roll ads. Is there anybody on the planet who actually enjoys pre-roll video advertising? Research has shown that 94% of people skip pre-roll ads)

Online video advertising are one one of the fastest-growing ad mediums across any media , far outpacing growth in spending on television and other digital formats. Correspondingly, online video ad viewership exploded in 2013, reaching over 35 billion views in the U.S. in December

The increasing spends a on" Video advertising " signals  some important market changes both across the demand and supply side ( Advertisers and Publishers )

1)Web Monetization  Publishers would see a definite shift   on their earnings from their site,  from online advertisements as,   more advertisers would move from CPM/CPC model to CPM ( Cost per view ) Web  monetization will undergo a rapid shake up   ( for either  good or worse.) However  I have quite a few reasons to believe that it would be the later 

2)Surplus of Low  Quality Inventory :With the change in the revenue model,as more publishers rush to create video centric content,the CTRs would drop, as there will be a surplus  of " low quality inventory.. as   any new market  will see a huge  rush of players, which will add to the quantity but not quality

3)Measuribility of   Video advertising : Almost all forms  of  online Video advertising currently  is still interruption based 

1) It  forces the usersto watch atleast 30 seconds of  ads  before you  watch the video on Youtube
2) All the 3 formats , pre roll, post roll,  and instream video ads are interruption based. Unless the way advertising across Video are steamrolled, remember its the brands that would suffer more 
3) How to you define a "metric " for engagement.? time spent for watching the video for 2 mins, 20 seconds, or closing the window after watching the ad 

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