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Chart of the day :eCommerce investment destination now look east

Posted on July 5, 2015 No comments
" the rising asian investment in ecommerce"

" global ecommerce sales this year set tot  outgrow everyone expectations"

10 ereaders tried tested and reviewed at " our test centres"

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" the war over the ereaders from our test centres"

" portability,reading size, anti glare screen these are few things we miss"
the extent of portability will be the biggest differential among all ereaders"
" ereader testing centre: we pick  the best"

The top 10 ereaders were reviewed and compared by  and among the ebook that were reviewed were 1)NOOK  2)GlowLight 3)  Kobo Aura H2O 4)Kindle Paperwhite  5)Kobo Aura 6)Kobo Glo 7)Kindle 8)ECTACO  9)jetBook Color 2  10)Onyx Boox M96

The top 5 web CMS rated and compared across 30 factors

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" top 10 web CMS web software rated and reviewed

"  ratings and reviews for the top 5 web CMS "

source : top 10 reviews Reviewing and comparing top 5 web CMS 1) Wordpress 2) Jhoomla 3) Drupal 4)Modx 5)Concrete 5

which connected devices see the highest retail sales conversion

Posted on July 4, 2015 No comments
"Research to Purchase behavior by device "
 Smartphones, Tablets, or Laptops// which device  has the largest conversion when it comes to retail products.  The most interesting this here is , The device where users start their research on incidently comes  the  last point of contact  before the purchase ( apart from the ones thar are purchases in store)

72% started on Smartphone and 23% purchased on Smartphone, and 20% on Tablets
58% started their research on Tablets and 34% purchased on Tablets

For Laptops originated research.. the last transaction before purchase was  majorly done across laptop

from product discovery to content producing networks

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"from product discovery  to content producing  networks"
The paradigm change from product development to content development around productd: Youtube ,
, Netflix, Tablets , Smartphones, Amazon Kindle, Prime, Roku,VOD,Spotify
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