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March 4, 2015

Global Top 10 Mobile Phone Manufacturers by MarketShare

mobile vendors  marketshare


The latest data on Worldwide Mobile Handset manufacturers/OEMs published by Garter recently, does not have too many surprises baring the fact that Microsoft has now taken up the place vacated by Nokia who was once the worlds biggest mobile handset manufacturer 

Here are Some of the Highlights

 1.)Clearly and substantially Samsung does the talking in number. Its way ahead from the rest both in volumes and marketshare .Controlling 21% global mobile handset marketshare ranked the number 1. 

2)Apple comes 2nd with 10.2% marketshare shared by their iPhone versions.Drilling into Apple's geographic data shows that it has been able to increase its Chinese sales by 56% and US sales were up by 88% 

3)Microsoft with 9.9% global marketshare ranks 3rd and also has been the biggest gainer in terms of volumes and marketshare YoY ( .obviously due to the Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia) 

4)The Chinese Manufacturing Giants are fairly well represented in the form of,LG, Huawei TCL Xiaomi and ZTE   

 5)Together the top 3 OEM's Samsung, Apple and Microsoft held 40% of the Global Mobile Market in 2014, a far cry from lets say 2007-08 . when the likes of Nokia/ RIM/ Samsung /Motorola used to control 65% of the market

Finally iPhone 6 Stops Samsung Blitzkrieg, with 75million units, Apple is no 1

 Smartphone battle lines
   After ruling the #Smartphone market for  3 years. Its time to welcome a new no 1 smartphone player .Samsung smartphones  finally ran out of steam in the last quarter of 2014,  and lost out to 2 million handsets 

Globally  during the most competitive Q4 phase of 2014,Apple sold  75million units, while  while  Samsung ended up with 73million.The difference is  a mere 0.5 % points  and  many might not find this  worth analysing However the story lies elsewhere. The story of  coming back from the dead ..

Last year 4th Quarter, 2013 Samsung sold a whopping  83 million smartphones globally , while Apple ended up in  a pile of heap  with 50 million .Apple was down and out For every 10 Smartphones shipped across the world, 6 were Samsung and 4 were iPhones.

 Two years ago  iPhone was staring down the barrel with 18% marketshare, while  Samsung consolidated itself  across  Smartphone Kingdom with over 29%  share. Today . Just 12 months  after , a new iphone 6 and  their marketshare are  evenly poised 

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March 3, 2015

iPhone accounted for $151billion to Apple’s Topline, a 48% YoY growth

A recent report  on how much Apple added  in its Topline in  FY ; 2014-15 reveals that the  biggest consumer electronic brand  single product runing since 2007 onwards , iphone  added a a mind boggling revenue  $151 billion to Apple’s topline in 2015, implying a staggering segment growth rate of 48%.

Analysts feel that  iPhone revenues will be driven by increasing shipments and higher average selling prices fuelled by the iPhone 6 models. The huge growth potential, high free cash flow margins and attractive valuations drive our bullish Apple stock analysis.

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iPhone or iPad Sales : Which Blockbuster impacts Apples Share price the more

 which one impacts its stock price
The  chart from Bloomberg   shows  the might of the sheer product depth of  Apple as a brand and its power of  creating ambitious products  that has delivered blockbuster hits  

Apple's iPhone contributes to its biggest revenue stream ever since it was launched in 2007.. the only time , albeit temporary when  ipad sales volume  exceeded iphone was  in july 2012 when Ipad 2 was launched. Meanwhile revenues from its iMac  continued  to be as flat as ever

The black color  shows the movement of Apple Stock as Apple's  iphone and ipad war machine continued to work

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