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September 1, 2007

Characteristics of Web2.0 websites

Web2.0 website share some common features and characteristics, a few of them which I have tried to outline below .

• Treat the Internet/web as a Platform and allow your users to collaborate among themselves by creating content and mashup tools.

• Data is the intel inside ,User generated data is the most precious content, the driving force that needs to be leveraged by dot com companies.

• A web2.0 website unleashes and leverages network effects, which creates word of mouth publicity which is instrumental in driving viral marketing efforts. A web2.0 rarely advertise. They drive traffic by viral effect.

• Web2.0 websites are democratic in nature where users add value by interacting with the web based applications.

• Web2.0 websites are participatory in nature and allows users to create,view and edit content without editorial intervention.