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October 22, 2007

20+ Free Press Release Distribution Sites

Mashable came up with a great list of Press Release websites which i have reproduced below in the above ppt

Though I haven't  personally haven't used Press Release as a marketing tool much to comment on them . But what I have heard from a few of them who had done Press Releases that this kind of marketing probably suits companies or services with Niche products .

 Press Releases open up a new distribution channel, for sure . But I am yet to find any definite metrics by which one can judge the effectiveness of a Press release

Meanwhile for those who are just  on the verge of getting started with their" PR Jobs,You need to read this post which explains why the PR Department in a company might soon be on the verge of extinction

However dont panic ..  The Job itself  is very much alive and kicking .. but it needs a fair bit of reinvention... How to go about doing this .. Please read this Post

Why The PR Role in Your Organization Needs to Go Digital