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October 22, 2007

Second Life Launches Application For Facebook

    Second Life Link

This application integrates Facebook users, with the worlds most popular Virtual World Second Life! This application is called Called Second Life Link, With this Facebook application you can:

Display your SL Avatar to your Real life friends!
If your friend uses the Second Life, and they use our application, you will be able to see their Second Life name and Avatar – so you can meet virtually!

View Online Status of your Friends who are at Second Life!
Our application will show your friend’s Second Life online/offline. This will help you to synchronize virtual meeting times!

Share your Virtual Home / Favorite Locations with your Friends
We give you the option to specify your favorite or Home SL Destination with your friends. That way, they can easily teleport to you when you are online, or visit your virtual home when you are offline.
About Second Life

Second Life (abbreviated as SL) is an Internet-based virtual world launched in 2003, developed by Linden Research, Inc (commonly referred to as Linden Lab), which came to international attention via mainstream news media in late 2006 and early 2007.

A downloadable client program called the Second Life Viewer enables its users, called "Residents", to interact with each other through motional avatars, providing an advanced level of a social network service combined with general aspects of a metaverse. Residents can explore, meet other Residents, socialize, participate in individual and group activities, create and trade items (virtual property) and services from one another.

In all, more than 9.8 million accounts have been registered, although many are inactive, some Residents have multiple accounts, and there are no reliable figures for actual long term consistent usage. Despite its prominence, Second Life has notable competitors, including There, Active Worlds, and the more "mature" themed Red Light Center.(wikipedia )