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October 6, 2007

Track Your Friend Feeds via

Friendfeed is a cool new service by ex-Gmail and “don’t be evil” inventor Paul Buchheit. Friendfeed (which partly looks Google-like, too) tries to solve the problem of keeping track of your friends activities on the multitude of social networks, blogging tools, photo upload sites and so on... a kind of meta aggregator, sitting on top of popular websites watching for news.

In fact it solves a lot of problems specially for them who has multiple friend lists across a large number of social networks,photo uploads website and social media friends across various websites. Now with this service you can connect to your friends across multiple spectrums across categories

What you do upon sign-up is add a connection to a couple of friends. Then, you can provide your 1) Amazon email so the service can access your wishlist, 2) your Digg username so the service knows when you dugg something or add a Digg comment, 3) your Flickr username, 4) your blogging URL, and so on.

You have to allow friendfeed to know what services they use (e.g., Flickr or Facebook or Picasa Web Albums), and you get a personalized feed of what they are up to. So, if your friend favorites a video on YouTube, you get a link and a thumbnail of the video in your feed. And if your friend likes a news story on Digg, you get a link in your feed. You don't need to install anything to use FriendFeed — our crawling technology automatically picks up all the stuff you do on the web sites you already use with no additional effort on your part.Social networking and Social Bookmarking in action.

Plus, you can subscribe to this list in your feed reader, or embed it in a blog or other webpage.The service is presently in the beta stage and you can only be invited or an existing beta taster.More details at