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November 8, 2007

On Page Optimization Factors

On page factors are those that directly affect your website. Here are a few on-site optimization factors which influence search engine rankings . On site Optimization factors should form an essential part of your web site marketing tools since it is in your control. Whereas of site factors are factors which you have very little control. Lets now see how to optimize your on site page factors.

Page Title :One of the most basic and important factors in your SEO strategy . A title should be a small summary of your website which should have your target keyword.

Keywords in url: The keyword of your vertical should and must be a part of your url name.

Keywords in domain names: This is clearly a no-brainer and common sense .If you have a widget site. It makes sense to have a domain , rather than as in page-name-with-hyphens.

Keywords in description metatag: Meta tag consists of the page title, keywords and the description. All these three factors probably plays a very dominant part in your on site factors. make sure they are targeted to the appropriate vertical your catering to.Try to make it less than 200 characters.Keyword stuffing will lead to get banned .

Keywords in Body: 5 - 20% - (all keywords/ total words)Some report topic sensitivity - the keyword spamming threshold % varies with the topic.

Keyword in H1, H2 and H3:Use Hx font style tags appropriately;

Page Navigation and Structure : No link should be within 3 to 4 clicks away from the Homepage. Make your links page a tree like structure.

Keywords Font Size :"Strong is treated the same as bold, italic is treated the same as emphasis" . . . Matt Cutts July 2006

Keyword Phrase order:Does word order in the page match word order in the query? anticipate query, and match word order.

Keyword prominence (how early in page/tag): The higher up the page , the better it is , Make it bold large font.

Keyword in Metatag keyword:Should Show theme less than 10 words.
Every word in this tag MUST appear somewhere in the body text. If not, it can be penalized for irrelevance.No single word should appear more than twice.If not, it may be considered spam. Google purportedly no longer uses this tag, but others do.

Keyword in Alt Text: This should be generally used for describing graphics and images. Do not fill it with deliberate keywords.Was part of Google Florida OOP - tripped a threshold - may still be in effect to some degree as a red flag, when summed with all other on-page optimization - total page optimization score.

Domain Name ExtensionTop Level Domain - TLD:Top Level Domain - TLD .gov sites seem to be the highest sites along sites seem to be given a high status .com sites excel in encompassing all the spam/ crud sites, resulting in the need for the highest scrutiny/ action by Google.

Hyphens in URL: The best method for giving your domain name is a space, where there can be no actual space.One or two= excellent for separating keywords (i.e., pet-smart, pets-mart)
Four or more= BAD, starts to look spammyTen = Spammer for sure. Get ready to get thrown out of google.

Age Vs page : An older website with fresh pages which gets updated constantly get more weightage as compared to new sites with fresh pages.

Redirect thru refresh metatags:Don't immediately send your visitor to another page other than the one he/ she clicked on, using meta refresh. Use 301 permanent re-direct.Don't immediately send your visitor to another page other than the one he/ she clicked on, using meta refresh.

Excessive cross-linking: Do not cross link your websites just for the sake of bringing incoming links within the same C block (
If you have many sites with the same web host, prolific cross-linking can indicate more of a single entity, and less of democratic web voting. Easy to spot, easy to penalize,easy to get thrown off by Google

Excessive changes in a page : Too many changes in a page is bound to raise suspicion. Google cna easily distinguish between old cache and new cache. Dont change your web pages randomly.This was possibly implemented to frustrate SERP manipulators. Did your last edit substantially alter your keywords, or basic theme for the sake of targeting SE? If yes .. expect significant changes in your SERPs.

Excessive Javascript :Don't use java scripts for redirects, or hiding links.

Just a reminder to everyone who reads this post . There are probably more on-site optimization factors . I have just tried to explain the most obvious and significant factors . I would love to get more information if anyone wants to share. I personally believe that you actually don't have to be a geek to Optimize a website . Search Engine Optimization is 80% common sense,10% knowledge and the rest 10% is pure unadulterated luck . Dont go our of your way to make your site compatible to SE, try to make a website instead for people and users whom you are targeting. Find out what users want. Google will find you eventually. Happy Optimization everyone. Dont hesitate to shoot me an email.

Ps :I will have a long weekend after a long time . Its Diwali tomorrow and I wish all my readers a Happy Diwali. Have Fun, Enjoy those fireworks ,Have a Blast,and please dont forget to take care while bursting those crackers . Do try to be considerate to older people and small kids .. and yes, pause for a minute to think if you could cut down a few bucks on your fireworks and donate a few bucks to charity or maybe buy a kid some crackers . Lets try to spread some cheer to the less fortunate ones .. HAPPY DIWALI