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February 8, 2008

MySpace Web Browser Is Coming

Your MySpace Web Browser Is Coming - ReadWriteWeb: "Flock, the Mozilla-based social web browser has made the announcement that everyone has been waiting for: they will now integrate with MySpace. Building on the MySpace Developer Platform, Flock will allow users to surf the web with their MySpace friends in their sidebar. At Tuesday's MySpace Developer Platform kick-off, Flock demonstrated this integration by giving event attendees a sneak peak at the upcoming Flock features. Although details of the new functionality are limited at this point, we do know that the MySpace People integration, as it's being called, is expected to function in a manner very similar to the Facebook integration that is already in use in Flock. This integration will expose all of the relevant actions made available by MySpace and will build them into the People Sidebar of the Flock browser."

Also, like with Flock's Facebook functionality, the MySpace integration will allow you to easily upload new media, meaning video and pictures, to your profile as well as viewing media belonging to your friends.

Although we don't know for sure what functions will be included on the "Actions" button that appears by each friend's profile card, an educated guess would include things like commenting, emailing, visiting their profile page, and maybe even un-friending.

Flock is a web browser heavily based upon Mozilla Firefox and other Mozilla technologies. Flock is also the name of the company developing the browser. Flock's creators call it a "social browser", due to its ability to interact with popular social networking web services. Such web services include Flickr, Facebook, YouTube,, Technorati, Photobucket, and various popular blogging and news aggregation services.

The current beta release of Flock Browser has the following features:

* Flock's custom homepage, "My World", tells you when your friends have new photos and videos and when you have new feeds. My World gives quick access to your recently visited favorite sites as well.
* Bookmarks, in addition to being saved offline, can be replaced with or ma.gnolia. When a bookmark (known as a favorite) is added, it is added to the user's account.
* Favorites can be tagged
* A favorites and history section are integrated into the favorites manager
* Built-in full-text search using Clucene. Search as you type for pages in the cache
* Flickr and Photobucket integration
* Technorati tagging
* Blogging tools
* News aggregator
* "Drag-and-drop" capability and a clipboard like feature known as "The Shelf."
* Media Mini Bar, allows you to search, stream, and view content off of sites like YouTube and Truveo.
* Built in uploader, to submit content to flickr and photobucket

When using Flock, people can easily discover, access, create and share videos, photos, blogs, feeds and comments across social communities, media providers, and popular websites.