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February 8, 2008

Online Marketing and Advertising Trends


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The first annual survey of Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG), a nearly 1,700-member organization of marketers at a VP-level or higher, sought to identify the top marketing trends in 2008.

The survey focused on top marketing concepts, buzzwords, global areas of opportunity, targeted customer demographics, as well as the books that marketers look to for inspiration and growth opportunity.

“Marketing basics” was the concept of greatest interest to marketers (60% rated it “Very Important”). The term includes specific concepts such as customer satisfaction, customer retention, segmentation, brand loyalty and ROI.

Search engine optimization (42%) had relatively wide appeal, and cut across marketers in all fields.

“Green Marketing” (32%) was another important emerging concept - and it was identified as the trendiest marketing buzzword.

Data Mining, CRM and Lead Generation were considered to be the most vital tools in Marketing Personalization Tools.

The Marketing Trends Survey was fielded by Anderson Analytics among current MENG members between October 19 and November 20. Some 607 MENG member responded. Anderson Analytics also used text mining software to code open-ended/free form text answers to questions in order to truly understand what issues were top-of-mind among the senior executives.