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June 4, 2009

Google Squared is Live: First Attempt by Google to Organise Structured Data

Three weeks ago Google demonstrated a new product in Labs called Google Squared; it's a search engine that creates structured data from big piles of information and lets users compare various things by their attributes. Readwriteweb puts it rather bluntly by saying that there have been suggestions that Google Squared will crush Wolfram Alpha. Well, Google Squared went live today and while it's a great idea, in reality the service doesn't look very useful. It doesn't look like it's going to crush anyone.

Google Squared does dig out some interesting bits of information and pretty much succeeds in organizing unstructured information to structured data..besides allowing you to add your own parameters for organizing information

I think Google squared intention is good. It actually gives a good idea of where search is headed in the next few years. While present search engines does a fine job of accumulating tons of layered unstructured data it actually delegates the job of hunting the data down and organizing it to the users. With Google Squared intention is to organize,filter and display huge reams of unstructured data into information bytes which a specific user needs.

However the user Interface is a bit let down. Rows and columns might be good to get information,but the lack of interactivity apart from some basic parameters is a let down.

For example if i am looking for digital cameras, I would like to know more than merely price and features, when u type in reviews... it shows " no review found" for more than 70% of the digital cameras in question.

I would have liked if the user interactivity and the user interface were more appealing ,also some social elements could be added to the feature including user recommendation,Buy this link and add your own review.

It seems that Google has merely imported the search results of different parameters and aggregated it in this interface,rather than providing a new interface.

Google Squared may be useful,but i dont see it becoming popular or add real value to mass users. Lets see if this labs product can last for more than 6 months.