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October 13, 2009

Twitter and Facebook Growth plateaus.. Linkedin Continues to grow


Facebook and twitter Growth

MySpace, Bebo and Linkedin Growth

It seems that Twitter and Facebook growth story has finally reached realistic levels.June and september stats show that the Facebook and Twitter growth has slowed down according to Compete

Facebook has grown by merely 1.96% for the three months according to compete.comIn September, twitter's unique visitors fell by 0.17%, to 23,538,791. Over the last three months,twitter has grown approximately three times less than in May alone.

In terms of unique visitors, Facebook had a 3.99% increase whereas Twitter visits actually dropped by a further 2.68%. Twitter’s growth in the last three months has been a staggering 463.62%.

MySpace and Bebo continues its downward growth spiral by recording a 15% and 11% negative growth.

The Only exception to social networking sites was Linkedin which continues to do well by doing a +5.68% growth rate into September.Friendfeed another "Niche" socil media daring which facebook bought over recently recorded a negatibe growth rate of -28% in terms of unique visitors.