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November 12, 2009

Major Bing Update on the Blocks

Get ready for major updates on Microsoft latest kid on the block' Bing". , Now Bing has announced a new video site that will replace the old Microsoft Video. Now bing search will include video content from other video networks like, along with

According to the posting at bing blog..

Starting today and rolling out over the next few days Bing videos will provide a new unified online video destination that delivers a comprehensive, organized, and high-quality video experience. This change will combine the powerful search experience of Bing, with the expertise of MSN video all into one destination.

With the New Bing Video you can now access videos from across the web, MSN’s array of high-quality videos, and videos from sites such as Hulu, ABC, and Youtube. Bing videos viewing options are nearly endless.

Jordan McColumn of Marketing Pligrim discuses some more changes that will be affected in Bing

Partnership with Wolfram Alpha :The partnership between Bing and Wolfram Alpha is currently limited to the area of diet and nutrition . Bing says this partnership will help its users make decisions about their food choices. When you search for a food on Bing, nutrition information from Wolfram Alpha will appear in a tab on the SERP.This will also include tools like a BMI calculator.

Advanced Hover Preview Feature

Bing is also bringing and advanced hover preview feature to their SERPs. The press release from Bing states that this feature adds:

* An actual snapshot of the Web site in question
* A link to the customer service number (where appropriate)
* Deep links, the most-often-clicked links on the site
* A search-within-this-site box that allows you to scour the site to find what you’re looking for.
* Facebook page previews, from which you can view a person’s picture, see who is in t