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March 20, 2010

The Top 10 Twitter User Behavior Revealed

Twitter has finally reached its 10th billion tweet in March 2010 and for the uninitiated twitter was a start-up in 2006 and went mainstream in the first half of 2007 . The metaphoric rise of broadcasting our digital footprint across the world wide web in less than 140 characters has been nothing less than extraordinary.. From being used as a rallying force to build Public Opinion during the Iranian election to the victims of the Haiti earthquake ,Twitter today has gone mainstream across the world and has done its bit in many ways to revolutionize user behavior across the web

Recently Mashable published a report on the detailed consumer habits and user behavior at the popular micro blogging site.A few of the highlights are

1) User retention rate is 40% in twitter. What that mean is that in every 100 visitors to twitter only 40% returns or comes back again. The remaining 60% never turns back

2) Many users dont return to the site after one month

3) twitter is supposed to reach around 10% of the internet population ( Any Idea on Google and Facebook !!)

4)Less than 2% of Twitter users have more than 500 followers.
  • About 5% of Twitter users have follower counts from 100-500
  • Around 15% of Twitter users have 6-10 followers
  • The bulk of Twitter users, and I am assuming that these are lurkers ,around 40% have 6-10 followers
  • Around 20% of users at Twitter have no followers.
5)Conversations and “pointless babble” make up 80% of the activity on Twitter. ( This should not come as a suprise.. I find very few twitter conversations to be meaningful) While 15% of Twitter is Spam and self promotion

6)Peak hour is 8 PM . This means maximum Tweets take place around 8pm, EST ( eastern Standard Time,US)

7)Peak day on which Twitter visitors are maximum is Wednesday or Thursday Not surprisingly this is the same as emails .

8) 1% of visitors to the website account for 35% of the visits.18 to 34 is the largest age group doubling all other demographic group.

9) The female and male ratio at Twitter stands at 54:48.. ( All social networks have more women to men ratio

10.)one percent of visitors at Twitter forms 35% of Twitter users..This means that the twitter addicts consists of 35% of all users . ( Any kind of advertising ideally should take this data very seriously)