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May 22, 2010

Top 10 Social Media Analytics

Just read a post at Mashable on the top 10 social media analytics for the b2b marketers . However these websites are not only meant for b2b marketers. but they can be used for any online marketing, including b2c and c2b ..

Without a doubt all the posts at Mashable are absolute gems. Any person wishing to make it big in Online Marketing or digital Branding,I would recommend reading Mashable a part of their daily ritual .This post was written by Christina Warren. Christina is a writer, speaker, podcaster and video host. Before joining Mashable, Christina was the assistant lead blogger at Download Squad and The Unofficial Apple Weblog. She has also written for USA Today and for AOL’s StyleList Blog. You can hear her dulcet tones on an assortment of podcasts at

A technology, popular culture and Internet media junkie, Christina lives in Atlanta with her fiance and their computer collection. A film major in college, Christina is also a contributor to AMC Entertainment's Script-to-Screen blog.

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