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June 5, 2010

Coming Soon :Twitter Adwords from Google

According to Mashable , Google is on the verge of testing a new ad format which would help Brands to increase their Twitter Followers when they Advertise via Google Adwords program. This is in keeping with the $15 million deal Google has with Twitter to include tweets in its search results.

The way this is going to work is .. Something like this... Advertisers advertising via Adwords would be able to have their twitter url along with a "Follow us" button so that users can follow them back without having to leave the site...

Google has begun testing the new ad format with a select number of advertisers, including Norway-based firm Qualité Search Marketing, who was invited to the beta test in early May. The firm reports only “a modest boost” to its follower count since testing on the platform began.

While its early to say whether this would be integrated with Google Adwords or would be some other platform would be used by Google to integrate advertisers twitter account.

As an advertiser I would not be very enthusiastic to allow only my twitter channel to be displayed as the landing page url without communicating anything about my core product.

I am not sure whether advertisers would be really convince themselves that anyone following them on twitter are "leads" in the real sense of the term. Unless Twitter and Google allows advertisers access to more meaningful data and insights about users which they are sitting on to share with their advertisers, this would just be another distribution channel to reach users .... rather than using twitter as a medium to analyse, slice and dice data about users , get intelligence and real time brand communication and user feedback .