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June 20, 2010

Top 10 Twitter Trending Tools

Trending Twitter or keeping track of what your users are conversing about your brands has become a must do for most brands. Apart from twitter search.. there are a variety of third party twitter applications that provides user trends and real time feedback regarding what your consumers are talking about your brand.

Here are the top 10 twitter Trends or twitter Analytical tools you can use to map Trends across Twitter

TrendsMap: This site provides you a real time local search across your selected location.Trendsmap uses the location set in your user profile on to determine your location. The more accurate that is, the better Trendsmap can use your tweets. For example, 'California' is not specific enough for Trendsmap to use when calculating local trends, but if you specify your location to be 'San Francisco, USA' it will be able to gain sufficient information to use your tweet to help generate localised trends.

Trendistic : Trendistic (formerly Twist) is a go-to utility for getting granular Twitter stats on any topic. Search for your term to generate a line graph that’s scalable over the day, week, and month. You can also see data spread over 90 and 180 days, but you’ll need to sign in with your Twitter account.No matter the time scale you’re viewing, the stats are broken up hour-by-hour, showing the macro and micro trend at once. Drag your mouse over a section of the time line to zoom in and see exaclty which hour of the the day your term spiked or fell.

Twopular :Twopular home page offers up 15 to 20 of the most tweeted topics within the last two hours, eight hours, week, month, and ever since the site began aggregating data in December of 2008.

Tweetvolume : Tweetvolume visualize your data in plush, colorful bars and provides keyword comparison over the day, week, and year.

Picfrog : This is twitter trends via pictures. The site aggregates the photos shared on Twitter via popular sites like TwitPic (Twitpic), yfrog, TweetPhoto (TweetPhoto), and Twitgo.ou can search for any phrase or hashtag to kick off a stream of relevant images.The tool is a comprehensive way to tap the visual sharing power of Twitter around trends relevent to your interest or industry.

BitLy.TVPopular URL shortener and social data hub ( launched their video aggregation site about six months ago.There’s no trend comparison data or search available here. simply tells you what videos are being shared and the volume of sharing (through on Twitter. It provides a fluid interface for browsing and viewing them right on-site.

The results are tracked by a proprietary algorithm that calls “Bitrank.” It measures “retweets and other social gestures, as well as the number of times other users have shortened and shared the same video,”

TweetReach : This tool shows the re tweet stats.Retweeting happens when you forward the tweet of another person to your network of contacts. tweetreach shows you can see how many times your Tweet was seen, clicked through and who had the greatest reach in distributing your tweet.

TweetBeep : This site provides you an alert whenever a new tweet across your industry are tweeted or if someone has tweeted near a particular location or any combination there of. You can also narrow down the alerts by the “attitude” of the post whether positive / negative or if it contains links.

Whatthetrend:What the Trend helps you find out what's trending on Twitter and why. Currently tracking over 45,000 trends. You can analyse trends across selected locations