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July 24, 2010

Dislike page For Facebook ?

While many of us are familiar with the Like Button for Facebook and might have clicked  at the like button of some facebook pages  you loved. Do you think that they should also have a dislike button for something which you dont like ?

Well thats precisely many users and companies are asking.Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told ABC’s Diane Sawyer this week that Facebook would “definitely think about” adding a Dislike button to the site, allowing users to express distaste for updates or pages on Facebook.

A Facebook group for the concept has nearly 3.2 million fans, while there are at least two unofficial “dislike button” extensions for the Firefox browser.

According to Mashable Founder "Pete Cashmore "But Zuckerberg is just humoring us: Facebook will never add a Dislike button, regardless of users' demands.

Those clamoring for a "thumbs down" option seem to fall into two camps. For some, "Liking" tragic news seems inappropriate -- and yet Facebook does offer a "Share" option on its own site, while third party sites can opt to use a "Recommend" button instead. Others simply want to express distaste for a page or news update -- this is a move Facebook will never make, however, because it doesn't align with the company's interests. 

What is also not very  clear that how would advertisings react if a competitor decides to dislike something with the intention of using facebook button to belittle  their rivals. There is no doubt that at times" The like button" is simply inappropriate for a particular story or a news .. For example a story like " 20  killed in a train accident in india"  has a like button ..  ideally instead of a" like ". button for stories like this .. Facebook maybe should start using " Share Button"

Facebook  is probably interested only with a positive brand association with advertisers , and using a  dislike button because it would damage the company's relationships with brands, businesses and web publishers -- these groups are essential for building both web traffic and ad revenue

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