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July 6, 2010

Facebook Demographics : Top 5 Countries

Inside Facebook Gold, has recently come out with indepth data on facebook demographics across the top 15 countries. The top markets for Facebook interns of users include US,UK,Indonesia, Turkey and France..  Inside Facebook provides a detailed look at some international statistics in the 15 largest countries represented on Facebook.You have to be a paid member to access the" Inside Facebook Gold " version to know about the detailed demographics for Facebook in the top 15 markets.

Here are some interesting statistics  of Facebook Users across the top 5  Geographies

With over 70% of Facebook’s nearly 500 million users in countries outside of the US, it’s time for the savviest marketers and developers to start digging in to demographic data for Facebook’s many other important markets.interesting statistics Facebook statistics for the top  5 Countries 

United States

The US market not surprisingly is led by the 18-25 age group, with consists of 29%of Facebook US users. 61% of Facebook's American user base is 25 plus. Around 57% of Facebook users are Female . As on May,2010 ,Facebook's US users number approx 125million.

United Kingdom 

In the UK, The male and female split is very little , with Women making 51% of the users and men 49%.The 18 -25 age group consists of approx 25%. The 26-34 age group make up approx 22% of Facebook users .In the UK, there's also a substantial number of users of both genders in the 35 – 44 age group.With 43.5% of their users under the age of 25 (compared to the U.S.'s 39%), it's a slightly younger crowd.  Around 43.5% of Facebook users in the UK are under 25.


In the third largest Market ,around 45% of Indonesia 's Facebook users are generally between 18-25 age group .  Indonesian Facebook users trend younger, too. 45.2% of women are between the ages of 18 – 25, and 31.8% are between 13 – 17. For men, 45.9% are between the ages of 18 – 25 and 23.5% are between 13 – 17.

Overall, users under 25 make up 72.5% of all Facebook users in that country, with more women in the younger categories than men.


In Turkey, around 64.4% of all Facebook users are men, while women make up just 35.6%. Turkey’s Facebook users are young, too. Among women, 18 to 25 year olds make up 40.5% while 13 to 17 year olds make up 23.2%.Only 15% of users constitutes the 35-65 age group


Around 49.9% of Facebook’s French users are under the age of 25. The 18-25 age group in France makes up around 30% of users .38.2% of all users over the age of 35. While Facebook in France is not quite there, the site does appear to be popular with that age group. 25.7% of all French Facebook users are over the age of 35.