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July 23, 2010

Facebook Set to Replace Orkut in India

Red indicates Facebook users: Blue indicate Orkut users

Facebook is all set to replace Orkut as the number one social networking websites in India. According to statistics available with Comscore in July. Techcrunch also reports that in May, 2010, Facebook attracted 18 million unique visitors in India, compared that to Orkut’s 19.7 million (comScore). In the past year, Facebook grew 177 percent from 6.5 million Indian visitors, compared to 35 percent growth for Orkut. When the June numbers come out, Facebook may very well surpass Orkut in that country.

However as Facebook catches up with orkut across Indian and Brazil, thir US numbers were a bit disappointing .In June 2010 Only 320,800 new month active users were registered compared to 7.8 million Facebook gathered in May, according to statistics published by website Inside Facebook.

This means that in June, Facebook’s growth in the US was a mere 0.3%, a figure far short of its 3-4% average monthly growth.

Inside Facebook’s Chris Morrison wrote on 6 July that this dip was, possibly, “the backlash from heavy media attention to Facebook privacy issues”.

Google trends too show that Facebook has nudged ahead of Orkut in June and July . Delhi,Maharasta and Karnataka are the top threee sub regions where Facebook and Orkut have the highest users.Facebook has been pouring a lot of resources into India, and is currently hiring 500 people there and has also set up their first R&D office at Hyderabad.According to which provides statistics on facebook user patterns across countries , some other Interesting facts about Indian Facebook users include
  • Penetration of Facebook in India to population: 0.93 %
  • Penetration of Facebook in India to online population: 13.02 %
  • Average CPC in India: $ 0.15
  • Avarage CPM in India: $ 0.07
  • The Male to Female ration in india is around 69: 31.
  • The 18 to 24 age group in India consists of 47% of total Facebook users
  • The 25 to 34 age group consists of 30% of total Facebook users
According to Industry Analysts ,the main reason behind this expansion is the company’s translation efforts, which Facebook managed to crowdsource.

In just two years, Facebook went from being solely in English to now being available in more than 80 languages. “They have been more innovative than any other social network, and they are going to continue to grow,” Altimeter Group analyst Jeremiah Owyang told The New York Times.

Mark Zuckerberg has predicted that the number of users in its site will hit the one billion mark, but did not give a target date. It currently has 500 million users.