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November 22, 2010

B2B Social Spending: top 5 Statistics

B2B Social Spending
B2B advertising spend on social media and lead generation sites is forecasted to grow at an annualized rate of 21% and 17% respectively to 2013Online accounted for 7% of the B2B marketing mix in 2008. This is set to reach 12% by 2013.

Source: AMR International B2B Online Marketing Assessment and Forecast to 2013

US business-to-business (B2B) advertising and marketing spending will increase by 0.8% this year, to $129 billion
Interactive spending will climb 9.2%, to $51.5 billion this year.

Source: eMarketer

B2B interactive marketing spending will climb to nearly $4.8 billion in 2014
Source: Forrester Research

B2B Social Participation

86% of B2B firms are using social media, compared to 82% of B2C outfits
Only 32% of B2B firms engage in social media on a daily basis compared with 52% of B2C firms
36% of B2B executives have “low interest in social media” compared with just 12% for B2C executives.

Source: BizReport

34% of B2B marketers are not measuring social success at all, versus just 10% of B2C marketers
46% of B2B marketers said social media was perceived as irrelevant to their company, versus 12% of B2C marketers.

Source: eMarketer

54% of CIOs prohibit the use of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook while at work
Source: Robert Half

B2B Customer Perspective and Buying Process

93% of business buyers believe all companies should have a social media presence
85% of business buyers believe companies shouldn’t just present information via social media – they should also interact and engage with them

Source: Buzz Marketing

Bloggers on Brands

71% of all respondents who maintain blogs for a business – their own or one they work for report that they have increased their visibility within their industries through their blogs
70% of bloggers are talking about brands on their blog organically
46% of respondents post about the brands they love (or hate)
38% post brand or product reviews
Source: Technorati

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