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November 27, 2010

Middle East & North Africa Facebook Demographics

Facebook Demographics for Middle East and North African Marketing MENA_24May10

Facebook has become a force to be reckoned with in the Middle East and North Africa and now has 15 million users on Facebook as of May 2010. Whilst Facebook saw strong early growth in 2008/2009 fromEnglish and French speaking users across the region, Facebook’s decision to add an Arabic interface in March2009 has opened up access to a whole new demographic of Internet users and added 3.5 million Arabic users over the past year.

Egypt and Saudi Arabia’s Facebook communities have seen the strongest growth among Arabic
users during the past year with each adding 1.1 million Arabic language interface users. The number of Arabic language Facebook users in Saudi to surpass the number of English users very soon. However, with the strong expectation that the weight of numbers will move from English language users to Arabic language users in a number of key MENA Facebook markets, today’s reality is that just 23% of users across the region use Facebook’s Arabic interface.

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