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January 13, 2011

Canadians "Ranked Number One In Social Media Users

Canadians are the world leaders in viewing YouTube, have the highest percentage of Internet users on Facebook and have out-tweeted Americans, according to comScore, a company that measures digital activity.

Reported in Postmedia News, 17.6 million Canadians, or 71% of Canadian Internet users, visit YouTube every month; this is more than any other country in the world. Meanwhile, 55% of the American Internet users view YouTube every month.In November, that translated into two billion videos viewed.

In terms of engagement , Canadians score over every country, with an average  spen of 292 minutes a month watching videos, which is significantly higher  than every other G7 nation, Canada has also long been known as the world’s top Facebook nation with 83.1% of the online population on the popular social-networking site. In the U.S., Facebook has 71.5% reach of the online population. An average online Canadians spent 42 hours a month surfing, compared with 30 hours for Americans.

Across social Media, too Canadians are leaders with Canadians haveout-tweeting  Americans with 13.7% of Canadians on Twitter every month, whereas Americans lag behind at 11.3%.
Canadian's  also has   the largest Facebook users  with  83.1% of the online population on the popular social-networking site.In the U.S., Facebook has 71.5% reach of the online population. 

In terms of demographics ,Canadians between 25 and 34 watch an average of 338 minutes, those between 35 and 54 watch an average of 297 minutes, while those over 55  clock 155 minutes.Canadians also read 16 Wikipedia pages every month, though Germans are not far behind us at 15 pages per month.: 51.2 percent of Canada’s total population, or 65.9 percent of the country’s online population, uses Facebook, which makes it one of the most significant demographic groups on the social network.

The comScore report (not actually provided, so this information is second-hand) also makes mention of some other specific services; internet-enabled TV, in the form of Netflix Streaming, Google TV, and so on, is far less prevalent there.

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