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January 30, 2011

iPad Top 5 Statistics: Infograpaphic

Mobclix has found out 284,989 apps on the App Store to be compatible with the iPad. Games are leading the charge with a one to five ratio. iPad users engage with apps three times longer than their iPhone counterparts, the reports says.
Due to the iPad's  larger screen with more pixels than the iPhone, iPad apps enjoy five times higher ECPM (effective cost per thousand) rate and 10.7 times higher click through rate of rich media video adverts than on the iPhone. Those findings in no way represent the total installed iPad base, but rather the people who use apps that contain Mobclix’s code.

According to the latest data, the most popular paid app at press time was Angry Birds, followed by The Oregon TrailMonster DashFruit Ninja, and Ringtone Designer Pro, the only non-game item on the top 5 paid list. Games and entertainment software also ruled the top five free list, led by Bloody Hell, and followed by Golf Putt Pro, VEVO, Women Mistakes in bed, and Harry Potter: Spells.
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