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January 29, 2011

Map Your Professional Social Network by Linkedin Maps

LinkedIn, the work focused social-networking site, has unveiled InMaps, a tool that maps your entire social network, color coded by associations. The idea is that the maps will allow you to see the prime connectors in your network -- and spot areas ripe for connecting, given the right introductions.

The beauty of the map is " once you enter your lLnkedin data its compiles an "awesome   cloud of professional social network" map for you in seconds showing your 1st, 2nd level of connections  or the common group you belong to ."For example the red colors could be the " the company" which you had earlier worked for ,your school friends, college friends, HR and Recruitment Consultancies.. etc. You can label each color and as you hover the the small point  you will see the people who are connected to you.Each Color Coding signifies  the 'common" nodes of your professional acquaintances

Various affiliations are color coded and the bigger a node is, the more strongly connected a person is in a particular network. Each color is a label on your  network.You might imagine these as the hubs -- the central switch points for information on a previous employer, for example. What you might not expect is that the map readily shows you the areas of opportunity. 

The above linkedin Map  show my  Linkedin " connections" profile which I have labeled according to my professional contacts.

You Can read more about Linkedin Imap here