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January 23, 2011

Mobile Internet Statistics in Australia: Top 5 Trends

australian mobile internet usage
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Mobile internet usage has almost doubled in the past year, with Australians turning to their phones to access the internet even when a computer may be available, according to the recently released Sensis® e-business Report .
  • Almost  half of mobile phone users in Australia have Internet enabled phones and about 26% access the Internet from their mobile phone each day.
  •  One third of Australians check emails on their handsets and more than 70 per cent access mobile entertainment and information services.
  • more than four in 10 Australians used mobile internet, and mainly at home or at work where they may have access to a computer.
  • Younger Australians are more likely to use mobile internet, half of Australians in their 30s are using mobile web, while over four in 10 logon when they are in their 40s,
  • Almost four in 10 visit social networking sites, with 31 per cent using online chat rooms. 
The most popular activity Australians are undertaking specifically using mobile internet are: 
  • looking for maps and directions (67 per cent)
  • looking for weather information (64 per cent)
  • browsing new sites (59 per cent)
  • looking for products and services (56 per cent)
  • using a social network site (56 per cent)
  • checking sports results (46 per cent)
  • looking for suppliers (45 per cent)
  • downloading a mobile app (42 per cent)
  • using a satellite navigation (40 per cent)
  • downloading video content (35 per cent).
Source: Kim Herras