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February 16, 2011

Are You A Victim of " Cell Phone Compulsive Disorder

A lot of people consider their MOBILE  Phone to be their Lifeline to such an extent that they start depending upon it irrespective  what they do .. Such People are suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder. They are addicted to sending SMS messages and just cannot stop. They become so hooked to it that  their  mobile phone is  a  first priority

For those who would like to know if their children suffer from this malady a few pointers are: the fallen can send over 200 messages in a day, they do not sleep well, they run up huge telephone bills, they are always irritable and they often resort to serious lying. In extreme cases the victims will be very isolated people, spending hours alone in dark rooms with a series of phones that they own (or not) and all switched on and in use. They will have resorted to petty thieving and will eventually turn to large scale robbing to finance their habit and they will develop a serious anxiety should the signal to their phones be lost.
Spam has arrived on the mobile phone. Cell phones are rapidly becoming the new target of junk mail sent by eager marketers and individuals who see gullible people at the other end of the line. Currently DoCoMo (Japans biggest mobile phone operator) subscribers are the hardest hit where messages urging them to give blood, to purchase a new mobile phone or to forward a chain mail (or face serious financial consequences) abound.Lovers in restaurants are drawn away from romance as beeps indicate the offer of genital enlargements or Viagra to enhance performance.( source :