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February 14, 2011

The Economics and Trivia of Valentine's Day

Valentine Day Infographic created for Mashable by Lab 42

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Some stats  on Valentine's Day
  • 70% of women wish to receive their Valentine’s Day bouquet at home, begging the question ‘is it because they wish not to be embarrassed in front of their colleagues/don’t wish to lug 20 lillies back on the train home’, I think this answer is a resounding “yes!”
  • Cleverly, Interflora have avoided mentioning how many women actually want to receive flowers at all (their primary business), where they’re quite happy to dissect other gifts that are brought on Valentines Day
  • On average, it seems that the majority will be spending between £21-50 on their partners, which I don’t disagree with, but I once heard that Valentines Day is the second highest grossing holiday yearly, only behind Christmas; and therefore think it is a scam
  • Frankly, a shocking amount (11%) of people intend on buying a teddy bear for their partner, the same amount as a weekend away and clearly as romantic… *hint sarcasm*
  • Worst of all the comparison to what men plan to give and what women want to receive (which, by the way, has cleverly avoided the fact that men apparently aren’t meant to receive anything…) polarises just how wrong we all are….
  • Women would prefer a weekend away (19%) or jewellery (16%), but only 11% and 8% of men are actually going to get them it. Instead they are actually going to get it a teddy bear (11%) or chocolates (20%), which less women appear to want (6% and 14%). source