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February 19, 2011

How General Motors is Using Social Media

Every industry these days is trying to figure out how to employ social media, but the auto category is being especially scrutinized. The segment is known for its glitzy TV ads and deep pockets, but social media is a field where money will only drive you so far. The big gains seem to come from out-thinking opponents, not outspending them.

General Motors and Their Social Media Strategies
General Motors was one of the first companies with a CEO blog out of the starting gate when it launched Fastlane in January 2005. The blog has proved an invaluable way to get customer input and market research .

One of the  most biggest and innovative  Social Media Strategy of GM involved    launching a Road Trip .Chevrolet   using the power of the community  and their  users  in a Social Media Marketing Competition Titled  “See the USA in a Chevrolet: A SXSW Road Trip.
One of the clever strategies was the selection of socially vibrant participants in the social media competition. You can  read about this Road Trip, in Jeff Bulla" blog "General Motors Gets Into Gear With A Social Media Competition

You can watch the following video to hear Stephen Clark from WXYZ “TV” describe how the competition would play out.
to GM’s Blog post titled “Chevrolet’s SXSW Road Trip Challenge” ?
“Starting the week of March 8 (the week before SXSW), eight  teams of social media folks from across the United States will embark on a combination  road trip/scavenger hunt competition from their hometowns to Austin behind the wheel of some of Chevy’s newest products. Along the way they’ll need to complete 50 “challenges” in order to determine the winner. The winning team will be the one that not only has completed the most challenges, but has done the most interacting with their community on Twitter and their own sites. But what’s really going to be fun is that you get to help us decide all of the tasks the teams are going to have to complete along the way!
 GM  has also been using " social media tools" to reach out to their users , along with using this channel as "customer care platforms".A new customer service team is listening into Facebook, Twitter and other social media chatter concerning GM issues and is trying to actively help customers with their car and truck problems. The team composed of five people tries to adapt to the new trends in customer relationship management: In the old GM, we said you need to call us or you need to write us a letter. That’s not treating them how they want to be treated,” Scott Lawson, GM director of customer and relationship services, told the Free Press in an interview. “In the new GM, we’re going to be where our customers want us to be.