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February 4, 2011

Mobile Ad Networks Comparison:


Mobile Ad Networks are truly taking off.  The majority of predictions peg the global market at $15 billion by 2015. Mobithinking has created a wonderful  guide to mobile ad networks  which analyses and researches the  Mobile AdNetworks

There are three kinds of networks 1) Blind Networks 2) Premium Blind Networks 3) premium Netrworks

Blind Networks :These ad networks serve a high volume of advertising to an extensive base of mostly independent mobile publishers (mobile sites and applications), supplemented by premium publishers’ unfilled inventoryThe CPC varies with supply and demand, determined through a self-service auction system. The cheapest option is run of network (RON) adverts (i.e. no targeting), which in some countries may start at US$0.01 CPC. Some blind networks also offer brand advertising, on a cost per thousand impressions (CPM) model – i.e. you pay X for every 1,000 devices that visit/download the page

  • Adfonic * New: November 2010 *
  • Admoda/Adultmoda * Updated: September 2010 *
  • Mojiva * New: September 2010 *
  • InMobi * Updated: May 2010 *
  • AdMob (Google)
  • BuzzCity
SECTION 2: PREMIUM BLIND NETWORKS :   tend to be medium-sized, with a higher proportion of premium publishers (i.e. big-traffic mobile sites of well-known brands, perhaps newspapers, broadcasters or operator portals)At a premium price you may be able to buy a specific spot on a site of your choice. Costs vary considerably – quotes can be as high as US$20 CPM.Performance  based advertising is also available in these kind of networks – and in some cases, search advertising (based on key words) – paid for by CPC. Some networks offer cost per action/acquisition (CPA) 
  • Millennial Media * Updated: October 2010 *
  • Greystripe * New: October 2010 *
  • Madhouse * Updated: August 2010 *
  • Jumptap * Updated: May 2010 *
SECTION 3: PREMIUM NETWORKS;These kind of networks focus on a limited number of prestige publishers – mobile operators and big-name destinations – for which they are akin to an extension of their direct-sales team. In the case of Nokia and AOL, much of the mobile inventory they sell is on Nokia or AOL sitesCPM will vary wildly from US$5-US$75.
  • Hands
  • Microsoft Mobile Advertising
  • Nokia Interactive Advertising
  • YOC Group