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February 6, 2011

Most Expensive Cars for Insurance

Source : Autoinsurance put together a list of the ten most expensive cars to insure, based on what a 40 year old man with a $500 deductible would pay for each. Let’s take a look.
10. Porsche 911
Starting with the least of the most expensive vehicles to insure, we have the Porsche 911. Buying this car is expensive enough, with prices ranging from $80,000 to over $100,000. Add insurance to it at $1,819 for the year, and you have a pretty big investment for a high performance sports vehicle.
9.  Lexus ISF
You may think insuring the 911 is a steal if you compare it to the Lexus ISF, which costs $1,881 to insure annually. It’s not a sports car, so that can’t be the reason it is such a costly car to insure. Must be its appeal draws car thieves near and far.
8.  Hummer H2
This behemoth of a vehicle costs around $80,000 to buy, but if you’re looking at buying one, don’t forget to factor in your auto insurance costs of $1,912 a year. H2s are among the most frequently stolen vehicles in the country.
7. BMW M5
The BMW M5 is another car that is high to insure. Its annual car insurance rate averages $2,020 a year for that 40 year old male driver.
6. Audi S8
The Audi S8 is no cheap deal at $96,000 new. Its insurance costs are higher than four others on this list at $2,071 annually. Here’s hoping you never wreck it.
5. Mercedes Benz G-Class
The G-Class from Mercedes Benz is a grand luxury vehicle, and among the largest on this list. Insurance for it will run you about $2,088 annually, so make sure you can pay not only your car payment but also your car insurance premium!
4. Ford Shelby GT500
This racy high performance vehicle is not only hot, but also high…high to insure. Its average annual insurance cost is $2,186.
3. BMW M6
The M5’s big brother ranks even higher on this list, with car insurance costs running on average $2,236 a year. For that style and class, you’ll pay for it.
2. Dodge Viper
The Dodge Viper may be stealthy, but it can’t get around paying higher car insurance rates. At $2,446 annually, the Viper is quite an investment.
1. Nissan GT-R
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