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February 25, 2011

The Size of Walmart: : Statistics and Trends

Walmart Penetration in USA ( source: Fastcompany)

Walmart size 
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Walmart dwarfs its closest retail competition by US$250 billion in revenue. The gross annual revenue for Walmart in 2009 was US$405 billion, with Carrefour raking in a modest-in-comparison US$124 billion. Other retailers who warrant a mention are German retailers Metro AG (US$95 billion revenue), British retailer Tesco (US$77 billion) and US retailer Kroger (US$75 billion).

Economists will always tell you that monopolising is never good for a balanced economy, but consider this: If Walmart suddenly upped and vanished from the face of the earth, then it would leave in its wake an unemployment queue with two million people in it. That's the population of Slovenia. And that doesn't account for the people and companies that rely on Walmart to create revenue for themselves.

If your definition of better is cheaper, then Walmart is most probably the better option. And the numbers don't lie. Consumers spend US$36 million in Walmart every hour, and the total number of transactions a year topping US$7.2 billion. Whether bigger is better or not, one thing is for sure, Walmart's size and revenue suggest that consumers are going there, and going there more than anywhere else.( source : Ngretaileurope )