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March 13, 2011

23% of Your Linked Friends Are on Facebook

A new study conducted by MyWebCareer suggests that 23 percent contacts of users fall on the common area of the two interlocking ven diagrams, if one represents Facebook contacts and the other, LinkedIn contacts. The study took into consideration 5000 user profiles on both networks as data which was collected during February 2011.

 Users at office add colleagues on Facebook.As a result the list of people, common to both social and professional networks is regularly witnessed. Greg Coyle, co-founder of MyWebCareer said, “We often form strong relationships with people we work with and transition them from LinkedIn connections to Facebook friends… Although many people may think that they keep their online professional and personal lives separate, the reality is that there’s a lot of crossover between the two.”

The study reveals that 63 percent of the profile analyzed have at least one employer in their Facebook friend list. The study also shows that when it comes to professional life, LinkedIn dominates Facebook as the former is extensively used to find company connections while only connected through first degree connections on LinkedIn, are connected through friends on Facebook.(source : socialtrackr )