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March 23, 2011

BlackBerry Demographic Insights

 The Common perception in media circles over the past few years is that Apple's iPhone is the dominant smartphone in the U.S. and  is virtually  the last word when it co,mes to targeting their media plan . Advertisers only wanted Fixed Spots  on iPhones and the Android was the last word in completing a mobile media buy. 

Last year's Android sales and reports from other mobile ad networks proved t how wrong, was their insights .. Good Old  BlackBerry is  something that people only use because t of their work, which they have to 

ComScore in its "Year in Mobile 2010" report notes that BlackBerry had done exactly what it intended to do with its newest phones: actually appeal to someone under 40. This chart shows that with each operating system release its users have gotten younger and that BlackBerry has the most sizeable bunch of people in their user base under 35.