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March 10, 2011

How to Loose Friends and Win at Twitter " Charlie Sheen Infographic

Via Egotvonline
Charlie Sheen Infographic Via Link
Charlie Sheen's Twitter tear has left in its wake a whole lot of broken records and scratched heads –- and the pile is only growing.

After his Monday tweet looking to hire a "winning" social media intern, reported 95,333 clicks within the first hour, visits from 181 countries and ultimately more than 74,040 submitted applications. Sheen on Wednesday tweeted a link to the infographic showing the stunning numbers.
And according to a report from Wedbush, Sheen's Twitter account was the fastest ever to reach a million followers -– just 25 hours after being launched on Feb. 28.

according to spokesperson Krista Thomas's figures, Sheen's impact on has been off the charts. Within the first hour, the link Sheen tweeted out was clicked 95,333 times. In 48 hours, that number ballooned to more than 410,000 clicks. The hashtag #TigerBloodIntern became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter. And, most significantly, received 74,040 applications from 181 countries.

That's quite a lot of shockwaves from a single tweet.

How much did it cost CEO Arnie Gullov-Singh declined to reveal the endorsement deal to the Wall Street Journal, but did say that it was the highest amount ever paid in the company's history.

 Back when he had just 70 tweets, Sheen was already far and away the record holder for most followers per tweet, with 28,581 followers. Conan O'Brien's ratio is 6,525. President Obama's is 5,383. Lebron James has 1,509 and Kim Kardashian has 973.

Sheen's raging online popularity is also paying dividends for Twitter, according to Wedbush, which said that the celebrity's account "has highlighted the ability of the Twitter platform to enable individuals to build an owned audience, in realtime, in scale, with a narrative that does not need to pass through the traditional media gatekeepers."(source :LAtimes / Fastcompany )