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March 25, 2011

Mobile Email Open Rate by Industry

This chart provided by Knotice shows how customer behavior and the brand relationship influences the penetration of mobile in the email channel by industry segment. For example, a much smaller percentage of people read business-to-business emails from their mobile device (3.03%) as compared to emails from retailers (20.08%) or information from financial services (19.38%) where there is a deeper, more personal brand relationship. One must consider the situational context of mobile use as it pertains to brand.

Consumer behavior and the context of the brand interaction is a key factor. Above is a comparison of two distinct brands managed by the same company. Both are considered high-end brands offering lifestyle consumer goods and home furnishings. While both brands are upscale, the brand identified as “Family” targets professional, style-conscious parents with younger children while the brand identified as “Metro” targets younger and pre-family consumers in a more metropolitan setting.

Both have seemingly high penetration of email opens via mobile. However, note the 10% difference between the two. Be aware that many factors come together to influence mobile results, but the demographic profile of the customer always plays a significant role. It’s critical that marketers not only track and measure mobile interactions for their own campaigns, but do so within specific customer segments, where demographics can dramatically influence results and guide when and how email campaigns should be mobile optimized.