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March 25, 2011

Mobile Email Open Rate By Time of The Day

Breaking down the percentages of all emails opened by time-of-day reveals consumer behavior patterns that many readers may associate with personally. The ratio of mobile activity spikes noticeably in the early-morning hours, presumably as mobile phone users are waking up and checking email before starting their day. Many professionals can relate to this mobile phone use case, and this clearly underscores the fact that many if not most mobile phone users keep their device on, and nearby, 24 hours a day.

Not surprisingly the ratio of mobile activity drops during the traditional working hours where consumers presumably are more engaged with a desktop device, with only a slight peak in activity towards the end of the work day (4pm to 5pm). Mobile activity dips during the traditional dinner and early prime-time hours, with a final spike in the late evening.

In addition to understanding how the demographic profile of segments of the overall email list may impact decisions on how to optimize email for mobile viewing, marketers should understand how targeting certain times of day with email delivery can intentionally or unintentionally impact the ratio of mobile interactions. 

For instance, sending email in the very early morning, as many marketers do, may determine an increase in the ratio of mobile interactions as consumers scan their inbox first thing in the morning, in contrast to an email delivered mid-day where more consumers are more likely to view the email in a traditional desktop setting.