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March 25, 2011

Statistics On "Mobile Email Consumption

Mobile Email Usage
3 Month Avg. Ending Nov. 2010 vs. 3 Month Avg. Ending Nov. 2009

Total U.S. Mobile Subscribers Ages 13+

Source: comScore MobiLens
  Total Mobile Audience (000)
Nov-09 Nov-10 % Change
Used email ever in month 51,639 70,105 36%
Used email almost every day 31,161 43,477 40%

According to Nov 2010 comScore data for US consumers, some 70 million mobile users accessed email through a mobile device, with 43.5 million doing so on a near-daily basis.

Mobile Email Now Mainstream 

 While web-based email has witnessed a decline over the past year, email usage via mobile devices has experienced significant growth, driven largely by increased smartphone adoption. In November 2010, 70.1 million mobile users (30 percent of all mobile subscribers) accessed email on their mobile, an increase of 36 percent from the previous year. Daily usage of email showed an even greater increase growing 40 percent as 43.5 million users turned to their mobile devices on a nearly daily basis for their email communication needs.

Mobile Email Usage by Demographic Segment
3 Month Avg. Ending Nov. 2010
Total U.S. Mobile Subscribers Ages 13+
Source: comScore MobiLens
Males 114
Females 87
Age 12-17 106
Age 18-24 146
Age 25-34 160
Age 35-44 124
Age 45-54 88
Age 55-64 50
Age 65+ 25
*Index – (% mobile email users / % mobile users)*100. Index of 100 indicates average representation

The same company's Mobile Year in Review 2010 report revealed that personal email was the biggest content consumption category for mobile users, with more users checking personal email on a smartphone than participating even in social networks. 

Nielsen research on what mobile users do online showed email to be the most popular activity, accounting for 38.5% of mobile internet time. The next most popular activity was social networking (10.7%).

Knotice tracked email opens across over 150 million emails in Q4, 2010. Mobile devices accounted for 13.36% of opens. The most popular device for reading mobile emails was the iPhone (8.74% of all opens) followed by the iPad (2%) and Android devices (1.92%).

n an August 2010 joint study conducted by Litmus and eROI, the average percentage of opens accounted for by mobile devices across the lists of 20 big-brand ecommerce, retail and publishing marketers was 12%. Again, the iPhone was the dominant mobile device, accounting for 9% of all opens.