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March 26, 2011

US Teen's Mobile Texting Numbers

US mobile phone owners age 13-17 send and receive an average of 3,705 texts per month, according to new data from The Nielsen Company. This is more than double the next-highest average number of texts sent and received in average month, 1,707, performed by 18-to-24-year-olds.

Younger mobile phone users definitely text far more often than older users, as the only other age group to average more than 1,000 texts per month is 0-12-year-olds (1,178). Text usage starts rapidly dropping among older age brackets, with 25-to-34-year-old mobile phone users sending and receiving an average of 758 per month. This number drops sequentially with each succeeding age bracket, hitting a low of 41 among mobile phone users 65 and older