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March 29, 2011

US Wireless Internet Usage Insights :

In  2010, six in ten American adults (59%) are wireless internet users. Due to the quickly evolvingnature of mobile technologies, our definition of a wireless internet user has changed several times since we began studying this topic; throughout this report, a wireless internet user is defined as someone whodoes one or more of the following:

• Go online from a laptop using a wi-fi or mobile broadband internet connection.
86% of laptop owners go online in this way, which represents 47% of all American adults.
• Use the internet, email or instant messaging from a cell phone. 
Half (49%) of cell phone owners do at least one of these on their mobile device, which works out to 40% of all adults.
The 59% of American adults who do at least one of these activities represents an eight-point increase over the 51% of American adults who did so in our April 2009