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April 3, 2011

The Connected Devices vs Connected Consumers


Apple iPad users are younger and more of them are male
than those of other connected devices
− 65% are male, 63% are under the age of 35
− Kindle users: 52% male, 47% under the age of 35
•     Amazon Kindle users are slightly wealthier, better educated
− 28% have incomes of $100k or more, 57% have a bachelors
degree or higher
− Pad users: 25% have incomes of $100k or more, 51% have a
bachelors degree or higher

Connected devices such as tablets, eReaders and smartphones are seemingly everywhere and already are changing how some people consume media. Whether it’s watching a video or accessing an app on an iPad on the train to work, sitting at home reading a book on a Kindle or playing the latest games on a Sony PSP, thedevices have only added to consumption of the more “traditional” forms of media delivery such as the home computer, books and game consoles.  

The Nielsen Company recently released its inaugural Connected Devices Playbook to get a better idea of the consumers purchasing Apple iPads, Amazon Kindles and other similar gadgets and how they are using them

How connected devices are being used

Tablets are shared more than eReaders or smartphones .Around 46% of tablet users allow others to use their devices, while  only about one-third of smartphone and eReader users do
the same (34% smartphone users, 33% eReader users)