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April 26, 2011

Foursquare World’s Rudest Cities Infographic

While trying to make sense of the mountain of data generated by more than 400 million check-ins within a year, Foursquare has found out which of the world’s cities is the most foul-mouthed.

A post on the company’s engineering blog revealed the types of tools that engineers use to generate interesting stats from check-ins and tips. Essentially, it uses a workaround that means anyone at Foursquare can generate reports without messing anything up in the code, but which also creates scheduled reports that inform important business decisions.

A fun example report generated by this system displayed which city had the rudest inhabitants, based on the percentage of tips left there which included curse words. It took just five minutes to sift through all the data to generate a list of the top 20 cities. Cities that had less than 1,000 total tips were filtered out of the search, as were tips not left in English. The exact curse words used in the search were not revealed either.( source:)