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April 6, 2011

Global Internet Speeds: Switzerland Tops

In a recent global internet speeds study, conducted by Nielsen, all but one of the nine countries measured, ‘fast’ is now the most common connection speed and only a small percentage of people are on ’slow’ speeds. On average, across the nine countries, 19 percent of Internet users connect at ’super-fast’ speeds, 47 percent at ‘fast’ speeds, 26 percent at ‘medium’ speeds and 8 percent are on ‘slow’ speeds.  Only Brazil contradicts this trend with almost half (48%) of home Internet users on ‘medium’ connection speeds and almost one-third (31%) on ‘slow’ speeds.

Switzerland has, by far, the fastest-connected population, with 88 percent of consumers online at home connecting at speeds greater than 2Mb – and 38% having a ‘super-fast’ 8Mb+ connection. Switzerland shows the most linear pattern – the faster the speed the more time spent online – as people using a ‘super-fast’ connection (21 hours, 20 minutes) spend twice as much time online as people using a ‘slow’ connection (10 hours, 1 minute).  Italy is the only other country that follows this linear pattern Following Switzerland, the U.S. (29%) and Germany (27%) have the greatest concentration of people on ‘super-fast’ connections. In fact, all three countries now have more people connecting at ‘super-fast’ speeds than at ‘medium’ speeds (512Kb to 2Mb). Compared to the opposite end of the spectrum, Brazil has 8 times more Internet users on ‘medium’ speeds (48%) than on ‘super-fast’ speeds (6%).