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April 19, 2011

How often should you post on your Facebook pages?

top brands have posted 1 post a day in the last 3 months:

On average, the selected media companies posted 7,1 posts a day in the last 3 months:
While posting updates on Facebook, what is the optimum number of posts you should post each day.. how many updates are considered too high ? and how many updates is considered too little.?For most of us who market on Facebook ,.. a trial and error method is probably the only one way how we try to find and calculate  results

Socialbakers Analytics platform  has finally published their results which shows the effect  of  facebook updates  and how this affects  the Facebook Fan  Churn rate
  • Typically if you post fewer then 2 posts a week, you will not engage your audience enough for them to maintain a social connection with you, and you will lose engagement.
  • If you post more then 2 per day (as a brand) you will typically lose engagement. That means the ideal number is between 5 - 10 posts per week as a brand, and as a media company, this is typically 4 - 10x higher, as news are information people engage with all day long
The Socialbakers Analytics tool measures among many other interesting benchmarks also the frequency of posting of every page on Facebook.

Obviously this is very different for two types of companies - brands and media companies. Brands should typically not post more frequently then once a day, only if its really exceptional news. Some brands maybe should only post every second day, or a couple times a week.

Media companies on the other hand have much more space. They can post different stories even several times a day and still their content will be very engaging.