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April 8, 2011

How To Increase Your Facebook Engagement Leads by 50%

Trigger Keywords that bring  More Conversion
Short Post Vs Long Posts: Which  One To Choose

For most of us trying to use " facebook  " for marketing here is a wake up call.According to Buddymedia research  study reveals that   certain times during the day and evening are the best times to post your messages

More often than not, a Facebook post is ill-timed — in fact, office hours could be the worst time to blast content.

“While marketers may work Monday through Friday, Facebook is humming with activity 24-hours a day, seven days a week,” says Buddy Media CEO Michael Lazerow. And so, brands must adapt to their consumers’ schedules in order to optimize their engagement.
According to Facebook, more than 30 billion pieces of content are shared on the social networking site each month. Trying to filter through this content and get your message to the forefront is often difficult. You've got to ask yourself these 5 questions before you start your promotion for Facebook
  • "When should we post?", "How often?" 
  • "When are fans most likely to engage?".
  •  Choosing between long Post and Short Post
  • which are those trigger keywords which will bring more Clicks ?
  • The Best Days For Posts for your Industry

Brand Post and Engagement

Trigger Keywords that bring  More Conversion

URL shortners; Not everyone can understand  140 Characters or something like tinyurl/3d

Keywords that generate More Like
The Best Days For Posting Promotional Messages on Facebook
. Thursday and Friday have 18% more engagement than other days of the week, 
The study also reports that  Facebook engagement has three peaks: early morning (7 a.m. EST), after work (5 p.m. EST) and late at night (11 p.m. EST). 
Therefore, posting all of your updates during the workday means you’re missing key opportunities to engage fans at non-work hoursHowever, not all brands’ engagement peaks at these three times
  • Entertainment: Friday, Saturday and Sunday are huge, entertainment brands post twice as much content on a weekday than a Saturday or Sunday.
  • Media: Weekends have strong engagement for media brands, but Mondays are weak.
  • Automotive: Auto brands see the most engagement on Sundays, but less than 8% of posts go out on that day.
  • Business and Finance: Engagement peaks on Wednesday and Thursday,
  •  Retail: Sunday is a big day for engagement on the shopping and retail front, but only 5% of entertainment posts go up on Sunday.
  • Fashion: Engagement peaks on Thursday but dips on the weekend.Optimize engagement on Thursday.
  • Healthcare and Beauty: healthcare and beauty brands see the most engagement on Thursday.Post content on Thursday.
  • Food and Beverage :engagement peaks on Tuesday and Saturday and dips on Monday and Thursday.Target Tuesday.
  • Sports: Sundays remain strong .Increase your post volume on Sunday.
  • Travel and Hospitality: The highest engagement occurs on Thursday and Friday post work
source: Buddymedia