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April 6, 2011

Fastest Growing Facebook Countries: Brazil and India





India is among the top 10 fastest growing  countries in Facebook. According to SocialBakers, a research and analysis company which measures Facebook data and metrics, Brazil Facebook users have grown by a staggering 87% in the last 3 months.Indian Facebook users have registered a growth of 36.4% in the last 90 days, however India's Facebook penetration is among the lowest in the world, with less than 2%

Among other countries which show  more than 20% growth for the last 3 months are 

1) Mexico: 24%
3)Brazil: 84%
4)Thailand: 34%

Among other notable  insights are the phenomenal growth of south Korea  growing at 69% a few countries which shows negative Facebook growth are Qatar and  Vietnam. While some countries population base is low and the percentage difference might not be as huge in real numbers...