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April 4, 2011

McDonald's Canada Testing Geotargeted Twitter Ads

McDonald's Canada today announced that it's one of the first geotargeting testers for Twitter's Promoted Accounts. According to ClickZ  revealed that McDonald's Canada will be among the first to test Twitter's geo-targeting feature. 

 Outside of creating general brand awareness, the platform helps companies build their followers audience by displaying the advertiser at the top of the "Who to follow" column, which includes three other non-sponsor Twitter accounts.

Based in Don Mills, ON, McDonald's Canada has 4,000 followers of its "@McD_Canada" handle. McDonald's has 1,430 restaurants in Canada, 80 percent of which are locally owned franchises. Karin Campbell, spokesperson for the brand, told ClickZ that increasing followers was just one of the objectives of the geotargeting pilot.

"It is one of the goals, but not the primary goal," she explained. "There are not a lot of people aware that we have a uniquely Canadian Twitter handle. And it's really important for us to reach customers who want to have a dialogue with us and don't know that we are there."

According to The Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital blog, which first reported the story, participants in the test can tailor their ads by country or, inside the U.S., down to city level. 

 Industry sources reveal that , this step is one of the  small and important  initiative by Tweeter,  trying to work on their ad revenue business model. The company is now letting some marketers segment some of their purchases by location.

Which means a Twitter user in,  the  Germany . may now see a different ad than one in the According to Allthings Digital Blog.

Twitter is now letting some beta testers target Promoted Tweets–the ad units that are actually Twitter messages–by country. Within the U.S., buyers can narrow their targeting down to the city level. And it is also letting testers target Promoted Accounts–its pay-per-follower feature–by country.