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April 28, 2011

The Most Wanted Smartphone Platform in US

The launch of the Verizon (VZ) iPhone has not visibly slowed the triumphant march of Google's Android operating system through the mobile heartland of America, according to a Nielsen Wire report released Tuesday.According to the latest Nielsen Wire survey for January to March 2011, Google’s Android OS has emerged as the most favored platform with 31 percent of consumers to its credit who are planning to get a new smartphone.

The recent  Nielsen The Nielsen Wire  Research  Report( Jan 11-March 11)  results of their smartphone surveys for the US once again reinforces  the truth of the superiority of Android  over other Platforms and  has also lent credence to earlier researches and statistics  that had " touted Android to be the next Apple Killer.

Here are some more insights from the  Nielsen Smartphone survey results
  • Android now represents 37% of all US smartphones
  • 50% of smartphones sold in the month of March were Android phones
  • 31% of consumers said their next purchase will be an Android phone, compared to 26% one year ago. Android now leads iOS here as well (iOS accounts for 30%, down from 33%)
  • 20% of consumers don’t know which OS their next smartphone will run

Only 30% said they wanted an iPhone, down from 33%. Research in Motion  Microsoft , Palm  and Other also lost ground. Americans who plan to buy Nokia smartphones were lost in the round-off error.

Apple sold $10.45 billion worth of iPhones last quarter, overtaking Nokia -- the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones -- for the first time.