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May 2, 2011

15 Years of Mobile Marketing :Infographic

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Infographic by [x]cubelabs

According to Mobilestorm : a decade of Mobile " report Social media and mobile continue to converge in a big way. According to a recent study by Ruder Finn4, the mobile phone is becoming the primary means for consumers to utilize social networking (91%), surpassing the desktop (79%) in terms of usage. From a marketing perspective, brands can “listen in” on the conversation happening around their brand and utilize the information to tailor outbound messaging accordingly, making it more relevant and thus more successful.
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Above  Graphical representation is provided by Mobilestorm As cell phones evolved and eventually became ubiquitous, the idea of using them as a marketing medium began to take shape. Given the limited functionality of early cell phones, the concept of mobile marketing revolved primarily around the use of text messaging or SMS. Though SMS technology was originally developed in 1992, the concept of using it as a marketing medium wasn’t introduced until the early 2000s when businesses started to collect mobile phone numbers and deliver content to consumers. The practice began in Europe and parts of Asia and quickly spread throughout the world.

SMS, or “Short Message Service,” is the most widely used data application in the world, with 2.4 billion active users, or 74% of all mobile phone subscribers2. The concept of SMS originated from technology developed for radio-based memo pagers, using phone-based protocols that were later standardized as part of the Global System for Mobile Communications, or “GSM” series of standards, in 1985. Since then, support for SMS has become ubiquitous among all mobile technologies, including CDMA-based wireless carriers and even satellite and landline networks. SMS was originally developed as a means to send short, 160-character messages from one device to another, and still retains this limiting attribute today. SMS is perfectly geared towards mobile marketing applications given its highly personal