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May 2, 2011

Fake White iPhone 4: Official White iPhone 4 Unboxing

The Fake White  iPhone 4
Blogherald reports that an iPhone 4 knockoff is now available in the Philippines for only 4,000 Philippine Pesos, or around $90 if converted. The tipster also provided the tech specs of the faux iPhone 4.
According to the specs sheet, the fake white iPhone 4 supports two sim cards, 3.5 inches HVGA screen with a resolution of 320×480, 2 megapixels rear-facing camera, FM radio, 39 MB of internal storage, supports Micro SD for additional memory, can get access to the internet via WiFi, supports Java 2.0, and also supports USB charging.

But here’s the most interesting part of the device’s specs sheet, it supports the frequency bands of your local television channel. Can you see the “TV” icon in the screen?
The fake white iPhone 4 from Asia also supports Bluetooth, and with a built-in eBook reader. Scanning the image, it looks like the knockoff also copied the icons of the original iPhone 4 like the Safari Web Browser, Settings, Phone and Contacts.
The source of the image also added that there’s a fake iPhone 5, but we’re not sure if it’s legit knowing that all iPhone 5 images available are mockups created by tech websites based on rumors.
The original white iPhone 4 was released in USA and other countries last week sporting the same tag prices of the black iPhone 4 released last year.

source : BlogHerald