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May 14, 2011

Indian Reverse Outsourcing :Infographic

Chart: Corp-Corp_Returning to India

Corp-Corp conducted a survey among Indian IT professionals in the US during first week of March-2011 shows more than half of the Indian IT brainpower is planning to return to India. More than 1000 professionals responded to this survey.
Corp-Corp_Returning to India
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In April, Corp-Corp conducted a survey among 1,000 Indian IT professionals. The results show more than half of the Indian IT professionals are planning to return to India.
The results show that the much  vaunted ..or the much maligned ( depending on  who and what your  cause is ) approx 50.1% of the respondents said that they will be returning to India soon. 6.4% of the IT professionals have already returned to India while 43% do not plan to return.
They cite that the primary reason (51%) for their return is rejoin with their family members in India. 26% feel that better opportunities are in India. Surprisingly, only 3% says they are returning due to job loss.
One Point to Ponder is an obvious fact .. Why do Indians not excel in their Home Country ... while they  seem to thrive as an hard working, close knit  community overseas. Is it lack of " the right education system ? lack of opportunity ,( too many people to compete with ) lack of ' a  Rewarding and performance driven culture ? or  " is it due to the fact that in India" You  are not encouraged to ask too many questions  .. its an culture that " does not encourage  you to be a "maverick" .. or is it just : a combination of  all . I would love to  know..