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May 23, 2011

The Sony’s Playstation Hacking : Infographics

The Sony Playstation Credit Card Hack Infographic

Summary of the Sony Playstation Network hack
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Sony CEO Howard Stringer has apologized for being hit with an outage and a cyberattack, but with an additional attack likely the company faces a long road ahead.

After waiting days following the initial PSN outage to reveal that credit-card numbers were exposed in the security  breach, Sony now says that up to 10 million credit-card numbers may have been obtained by hackers. The numbers were encrypted, although other confidential user information such as names, usernames, e-mail addresses, and birth dates, was not.

With 77 million accounts details compromised and a reported $318 per record attached for the third party security firm alone, Sony are looking at a bill of $24.5 billion. If you add that to the recently announced customer compensation package and the revenues from the network itself, then the result is one expensive headache for Sony.

The PlayStation Network currently has over 70 million users and is Sony’s online medium for its PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable consoles. Both the Network, and Sony’s Qriocity music service were targeted. As stated previously, in its most recent blog post, Network spokespeople make no mention of how long the outage will continue, but it’s likely that it may take several more days to sort out. And this is after Sony posted yesterday saying that the outage may last for a “full day or two” — and after Amazon’s web and cloud services suffered from their own major outage.